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Top 5 Hot Dokha Tobaccos

January 6, 2020

The Top 5 Hot Dokha Tobaccos blends below come in varying degrees of ‘hot’.

One of the reasons why Enjoy Dokha chose to get into the whole ‘Dokha smoking thing’ is simply because this tender leaf Arabic tobacco has nothing added and nothing taken away – simple! Now, we don’t advocate that smoking any type of tobacco is good for you; it is still tobacco – rather, Enjoy Dokha UK aim to help people realise that smoking Dokha tobacco is more of an exclusive and enjoyable experience…These Top 5 Hot Dokha tobaccos won’t let you down.

These Top 5 Hot Dokha Tobaccos are NOT recommended for beginners

These Top 5 Hot blends are for the serious, experienced Dokha smokers.

Starting with Enjoy Dokha Hot (ED Red) – comprises completely natural and pure Arabic tobacco with nothing added or taken away, procured directly from the local farms in the UAE.  Developed for those customers who are not afraid of extremes – very strong flavour and powerful hit.

There are three options available when purchasing this product:  25ml /9 grams, 50ml / 14gram or the large 250ml / 70gram which is supplied in 5 x 50ml / 14gram bottles – a more economic purchase and easier to carry in your Dokha pouch.  More importantly having your Dokha supplied in smaller bottles helps to keep the tobacco fresh.

Scorpion Red – Long standing favourite of our customers. Scorpion know a thing or two about Dokha – they have been around a long time and are one of our trusted Dokha providers.  This Hot Dokha blend is not too harsh on the throat, however, still packs a big punch, so is not recommended for the average ‘Joe’, as you will need to have had some experience of smoking Dokha before you try this one… only available in the 50ml / 13gram bottle as they come pre-packaged.

Enjoy Dokha Achilles – Another great hot blend with a good buzz – drag on this one and you will need to sit down…

There are also three options available when purchasing this product:  25ml /9 grams, 50ml / 14gram or the large 250ml / 70gram which is supplied in 5 x 50ml / 14gram bottles

Max Time Hot – Anyone local to Dubai will know this one…

Fresh, crisp cuts of Dokha Tobacco that has struggled for water in the Dubai deserts thus produced a hotter flavour. If you are looking for a hotter hit, this one will keep you buzzed!

Enjoy Dokha Bushab – One of the very best Medium Hot blends and a good half way house when it comes to transitioning from Medium to an extremely hot blend like ED Red or VOD…Also available in the three options as per above…

Enjoy Dokha Ayub – Another enjoyable Medium Hot blend with great Dokha favour, and again, available in the three options outlined above…



Enjoy Dokha VOD

The above two blends are extremely ‘hot’ and have been described as ‘smoking the sun’!  So if you don’t like a harsh sensation on the back of your throat then we would advise you to steer clear of these two extremes and stick with the Medium and perhaps graduate to the hotter blends over time….again these two blends come in the options above i.e., 25ml / 9gram and 250ml / 70gram (5 x 50ml bottles)…

Abu Mohammed Fadayee brand also has a top ‘Hot’ by the name of Fadayee Black 3 and our customers tell us that it is an over-warm Dokha but not too hot to cause them to cough on inhale!

Whichever Dokha you choose, including the Top 5 Hot Dokha Tobaccos you will need a great Midwakh (Medwakh) pipe to smoke it in.  Enjoy Dokha have Medwakh (Midwakh) pipes made from a variety of materials such as wood, bone and metal and utilising external and internal filters.  There is a huge range of styles to suit every taste for sale by Enjoy Dokha.

Medwakh pipes are distinctive because of the small bowl which holds just a pinch or two of Dokha tobacco allows you to smoke just three or four puffs at a time. That’s great for busy people on the go who don’t have the time to spend smoking for long periods of time.

The vast majority of our pipes are handmade.  This allows for creativity during the manufacturing process.  Please note that there can be minor differences between the same pipe design due to the individual nature of this handicraft.

Whichever strength of Dokha you choose to smoke, the one great difference between smoking western tobaccos and Arabic tobacco (Dokha), there is no unpleasant smell left behind, both in the atmosphere or on your clothing, and is therefore normally not offensive to non-smokers!



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