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Top 10 Dokha Filters

January 2, 2020

The top 10 Dokha filters which Enjoy Dokha supply are generally used with a Medwakh (Midwakh) smoking pipe.

There are several different types of filters but all of them act in more or less the same way, trapping any impurities which could otherwise get through the Medwakh pipe when you are smoking and they generally improve the flavour and quality of your Dokha smoking experience.

Most Popular Brands of Medwakh Dokha Filters

We can list the most popular brands of Medwakh Dokha Filters, however, the choice in the end is very much a personal one.

Bio Pipe filters are Enjoy Dokha UK’s top seller.  These Bio Pipe filters for Dokha and Medwakh pipes are very traditional and simple.  They have a small cotton filter that will help reduce the tar and impurities in the smoke, thereby allowing you to enjoy the full flavour of your Dokha without getting any tobacco particles in your mouth.  These tips should be changed every 10 – 15 bowls of Dokha.  These filters can also be used on the end of a cigarette too and they won’t impair the quality of the smoke.

Practical in design, the Bio Pipe filters are hassle free – just use and throw away – made with recyclable plastic.

If you run out of filters but have a few used ones lying around, you can take them apart and wash the cotton element and re-use them successfully until you can get your hands of a new pack…!

Yousef Rida (Redha) Black Tips are our next best seller.  Perhaps this is because the name Yousef Redha is generally synonymous with quality products.  Again, the recommended usage of each filter is 10 – 15 times before refreshing it to maintain the flavour of your Dokha.  Although these tips look entirely matte black, they have an internal filtration system which is basically a combination of cotton and silica gel.

Classic Black or Classic Brown double filters.  The Classic Black or Classic Brown filter is a specially designed filter by Abu Mohammed under the brand name of Fadayee.  These filters have a cotton insert to catch any impurities and tobacco particles which can make their way into your mouth.  These filters have a ‘double’ action filtration system to help remove tar from your Dokha smoking experience.

Natural PuffThere are three different combinations you can choose from within this range.  Natural Puff Silicon – Natural Puff Cotton and Silicon – Natural Puff Brown Tips (matte).  Basically, whichever filter you choose from this range you are sure to have a great Dokha smoking experience as they are one of the most traditional Medwakh filters on the market.  All other brands have taken the same idea and modified it with their own branding – simplicity at its best…

Fadayee 3 in 1 Dokha Filters are also very popular – these filters have triple action charcoal, cotton and silica gel to remove tobacco impurities before they reach your mouth.

Fadayee Double Action Filters – pretty much the same as the Bio Pipe Filters in that they have a small cotton sponge in the middle to help catch any tobacco particles from passing through to your mouth.

Fadayee Classic – Black or Brown.  Like all of the Fadayee filters that we sell, we can guarantee their quality and since they are so popular with our customers already that speaks volumes..  There is a small white piece of sponge in the middle of these filters to catch tar and any impurities from passing through to your mouth.

Dr. Pearl Filters – specialist filters for pipes such as Saharah Pipes or the Zephyr Pipe – these specialist Medwakh Pipes have an integrated filtering system.  If you are using these filters they should be changed once they have discoloured brown – we suggest after 10- 15 smokes of Dokha.


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