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What Is Medium Dokha Tobacco

January 6, 2020

Firstly, you should know what medium Dokha tobacco is before delving into the nuances of the different medium blends available from Enjoy Dokha.

Dokha is the pure, natural and original tender leaf Arabic tobacco.  Unlike most Western tobaccos, Dokha is not fire cured and cut, but dried in the arid desert regions, primarily of the UAE. It’s finely ground in a timely manner to preserve the strength, freshness, flavour and natural colouration of the tobacco leaves.  The different strengths of Dokha are classified as Light Cold, Medium or HOT – and there are lots of different blends that fall into each of these categories.

One of the reasons why Enjoy Dokha chose to get into the whole ‘Dokha smoking thing’ is simply because this tender leaf Arabic tobacco has nothing added and nothing taken away – simple! Now, we don’t advocate that smoking any type of tobacco is good for you; it is still tobacco – rather, Enjoy Dokha UK aim to help people choose a tobacco that delivers a more exclusive and enjoyable smoking experience.

Assuming you are not a beginner to smoking Dokha there are a number of quality medium Dokha blends that we are happy to recommend

Starting with our own Enjoy Dokha Medium (ED Gold) which offers the user a rewarding head rush while enjoying an exceptionally smooth smoke. This blend is a pure and original premium Arabic tobacco blend, having been procured direct from the farms in the UAE. There are three options available when purchasing this product:  25ml /9 grams, 50ml / 14gram or the large 250ml / 70gram which is supplied in 5 x 50ml / 14gram bottles – a more economic purchase and easier to carry in your Dokha pouch.  More importantly having your Dokha supplied in smaller bottles helps to keep the tobacco fresh.

Enjoy Dokha Premium Maya Dokha is procured by us from local farms in Oman.  This famously finely chopped and over-warm Dokha is smooth on your throat and that’s one of the reasons it’s so popular with our customers who tell us that they also enjoy the ‘buzz’….

G65 Premium Dokha, with its origins in Abu Dhabi in the UAE is a blend direct from the local farms.  A completely natural Dokha that’s hung up to dry in the desert heat, keeping to the traditional methods of curing the Dokha tobacco and retaining its natural colour and flavour.  Hanging the Dokha to dry in its natural state also ensures that the tips of the leaves are saturated with nicotine to enhance the smoking experience.

Yousef Rida Gold 50 – one of the best Dokha blends from this famous Dokha supplier in Dubai.  If you are a frequent traveller to Dubai you may have already visited Yousef Redha’s shop. High levels of quality control have gone into every stage of the production of this classic Dubai blend.  Our simple strategy – we won’t stock it if our customers don’t love it and to date, since we started stocking YR Gold 50 back in early 2018, our customers keep coming back again and again – that’s a great sign that they are enjoying this particular Dokha blend.

Yousef Rida (Redha) Mister is one of those classic, timeless Dokha blends that customers ask for time after time.  Our customers tell us that the ‘buzz’ is good and that’s why they are reluctant to change -once a Mister smoker, always a Mister smoker!

Sultan which Enjoy Dokha introduced in 2019 to our vast range of Dokha tobaccos, is gaining in popularity since its introduction.  Our customers smoke Dokha for a true smoking experience, something the Sultan Dokha blend certainly delivers every time.  This blend is considered a medium warm Dokha and packs a good ‘buzzzzzzzz’!

Felisa is another premium Enjoy Dokha blend which we source from Abu Dhabi.  Felisa is a medium strong blend with a tasty long lasting ‘buzz’.

Abu Mohammed with their Fadayee brand is becoming more and more popular in the UK, especially their medium ‘Premium’ 1, 2 and 3 Dokha brand and within those three blends there are also three different strengths.  We also hold their Gold 1, 2 and 3 together with their Black 1, 2 and 3. All of these Fadayee blends are easily found on the Enjoy Dokha website.

Max Time Gold 50 – a good staple medium blend which is selling well.  Max Time are relatively new to the Dubai Dokha scene – more ‘underground’ than mainstream, but proving to be a popular choice for Enjoy Dokha customers.

Bin Khumery XO medium Dokha blend. Bin Khumery is a very respected Dokha supplier in Dubai. If you go to Dubai you can visit the Bin Khumery shop and experience their range of TREX blends. This Bin Khumery XO blend is considered cold to medium and is a finely chopped Dokha – cold to medium on the throat.   Enjoy Dokha hold 5 different strengths of their TREX brand so there is bound to be one that will suit your smoking requirements.

What is Medium Dokha Tobacco – all of the above….enjoy!


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