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Dokha Points reward scheme

Dokha Points is our name for the Enjoy Dokha reward scheme – they’re our way of giving you something back in return for your ongoing support for the Enjoy Dokha products and brand. Think of it like a Dokha-specific currency: they can be spent in the Online Store to get a discount on future orders. With enough rewards in your account, you might even be able to Enjoy Dokha for free!

Save money on every order you make with Dokha points today, all you have to do is create a FREE account and make sure you make your order whilst signed in. Firstly, we will credit your account with 100 free Dokha points as a thank you for making an account with us, and then when you make your first order, a percentage of the value you spend will be credited back to your account in the form of Dokha points. This ensures you always get a discount when shopping with Enjoy Dokha.

What are they worth?

130 Dokha Points are worth £1 (1.00 GBP) when redeemed in the Enjoy Dokha online store. They are non-refundable and have no cash value outside of use on the online store – but if you’ve read this far, you can probably think of a few things you’d like to spend your rewards on!

How can I earn them?

The simplest way to earn rewards is to shop in our Online Store: every £10 you spend in the online store will earn you 70 Dokha Points. This means that every time you spend with Enjoy Dokha, you get awarded a discount for future orders!

There are other ways to earn Dokha Points, including: creating an account with Enjoy Dokha (we’ll give you 100 as a welcome gift), reviewing a product in the Enjoy Dokha store (100 points) – you can leave as many reviews as you want.

How many do I have?

To view your Dokha Points, click here or simply log in to your Enjoy Dokha account and visit “My Account” – here, you will be able to see the Dokha points tab and full details of your Dokha points rewards and spend.  Your Dokha points expire after 1 year if you do not use them.

Rewarding your loyalty

To use your Dokha Points, simply select the ‘Use Dokha points’  when checking out from the Enjoy Dokha store checkout. Remember, there’s no limit to how many rewards you can earn, and the more you spend in the Enjoy Dokha store the bigger the discount you’ll receive on your next visit. The team at Enjoy Dokha would like to thank you for your support of our vision of making Dokha global.

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