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What Dokha is best for me?

The Enjoy Dokha Buzz Chart has you covered!


Which Dokha blend is best for me? There are many, many different Dokha blends to choose from, so when you find one you enjoy, it’s very likely you will stick with that blend.

Whether you are new to smoking Dokha or you are looking for a new blend to try, you can use the Enjoy Dokha Buzz chart to help you choose from our extensive selection of great Enjoy Dokha blends.

All Dokha blends come under the following headings:

Light (Blue)

Medium (Gold)

Hot (Red)

If you are new to smoking Dokha, you should know that whichever blend you choose you have to put it into a Medwakh pipe (sometimes spelled Midwakh).  Just click on the link and you will be taken to our Guide – What is a Medwakh Pipe?

We recommend that you try one of the Light (Blue) blends on this list.  Once you are used to these light cool blends, then you can experiment more with other Dokha blends such as Enjoy Dokha Medium (Gold).

If on the other hand, you are a seasoned Dokha smoker, you will probably be looking for a Medium (Gold) to Hot (Red) blend.  Medium (Gold) blends tend to be quite smooth in your throat on inhale and give the user a satisfying buzz on exhale.  Hot (Red) blends tend to be quite hot on inhale, and again offer an intense feeling on exhale.  The ‘buzz’ you experience normally only lasts a few seconds, however the relaxing feeling you experience will last a lot longer, depending on your tolerance.

One thing we all share in common with our first Dokha experience – the anticipation – the stumbling for a chair moment that made you go wow – that’s quality Dokha!

Whether you are choosing Enjoy Dokha Light (Blue), Scorpion Blue, Max Time Blue or Bin Khumery X1, for example, the following applies to all of these blends.

Here are a few other suggested blends that we feel come under this umbrella:

YR Light Cold, Shahi and Ferrari.  Yousef Redha Light Cold offers the beginner extreme smoothness with a great flavour,  this cold blend will definitely refresh you.  Very light and cold on the inhale and exhale, with a good sustained buzz.  It’s a long time favourite with our customers who sometimes use this blend to mix with other blends to create their own special mix!

The Shahi Dokha, likewise when smoked, offers a very smooth and cold buzz every time.  It’s smooth on the throat, and gives a very satisfying buzz and what you would expect from a high quality cold Dokha.

Ferrari Dokha is also a light cold Dokha blend and the same applies with regard to the smoothness on inhale and exhale – another great Dokha blend for beginners.

The top regular leaves are used in the production of ‘Blue’ blends and are grown in the mountainous regions of Oman.  The cool nights keep the plants from growing too quickly, however, once the sun rises, these plants soak up all of the glorious sunshine to bring strength of flavour to the tobacco leaves. The man-made water channels irrigating the tobacco fields help to keep these tender tobacco plants from wilting and drying out in the desert heat.

There are absolutely no pesticides or herbicides used in the cultivation of these tender leaf plants, and any ‘bugs’ are picked off by hand with a labour of love by the small farmers attending these crops.  Their knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation….  They can be very proud of themselves for keeping to the traditional ways of cultivating, harvesting and processing the wonderful Dokha tobacco blends which are available today.

The tobacco plants used in the cultivation and production of Dokha are usually planted on a one year rested land.  The land is fertilised with organic fertiliser and dried fish.  The tender leaf tobacco plants are harvested around August time and are air dried on battens in ‘barn’ like structures. The stalks are removed and the best leaves are ground in a timely manner before being stored in sacks ready for blending.  Some of these top regular leaves are used solely in the production of ‘Blue’ blends but some are also used for the mixing of Medium blends.  It’s such a skill ensuring the consistency of strength and flavour every time, but that skill is in the farmers’ genes……

When choosing a Medium blend such as Enjoy Dokha Medium (Gold), Yousef Rida Gold 50, Max Time Gold or Bin Khumery X2, for example, the following applies to all of these blends.

There are very many ‘Medium’ blends outside of those mentioned above, however, the conditions under which the tender leaf tobacco plants are grown are the same as for the Light (Blue) Dokha blends.

The standard best sellers that our customers keep coming back for are G55, Ameeri and Saffra: 

G55, for example is a finely chopped over-warm blend, not too harsh on the throat, and gives a very satisfying buzz!

The Ameeri blend is one of the smoothest in our medium blends’ range. The buzz associated with it is intense and soothing. You will not be disappointed.

The Saffra Dokha also offers an extremely smooth smoke with a great flavour,  this Medium blend will definitely refresh you each and every time you enjoy it.  Very light and cold on the inhale and exhale, with a good sustained buzz

Within the Medium Blend Category there are also Premium blends to choose from:

Mister, Maya, G65, to name but a few!  We look for a finer cut – finely shredded Dokha leaves often means a more compact bowl so it burns smoothly, when smoking through your chosen Medwakh pipe.

The Medium (Gold) Dokha blends are derived mostly from the middle leaves of the plant.  Most ‘Medium’ blends are simply just that – Medium.  Sometimes the farmers mix these middle leaves with the top tender leaves to create a milder Medium blend or sometimes they mix the middle leaves with the bottom older leaves, which are considered to be where most of the ‘Hot’ Dokha comes from, to create the different blends.

Hot (Red) blends such as Enjoy Dokha Hot (Red), Yousef Rida Black Half/Half, Max Time Red or Bin Khumery X3, for example, the following applies to all of these blends.

There are also many warm or Hot (Red) blends outside of those mentioned above, however, the conditions under which the tender leaf tobacco plants are grown are the same across all blends.

Some of the ‘Hot’ Dokha blends are really hot and should only be experienced by the seasoned Dokha smoker – one of those blends is Enjoy Dokha VOD which customers have described as “smoking the Sun”.  Most ‘Hot’ blends are just that – Hot, which means that they are more harsh on the back of the throat than Medium Dokha tobacco.  You can experience a Hot blend like Enjoy Dokha Achilles that will give you that strong warm feeling and give you that elusive exhilarating ‘buzz’, without being so harsh on the back of your throat.

It’s the skill of the farmer that creates these exciting blends, but Enjoy Dokha won’t  compromise on quality, so we work with them to find a balance between blends that are too harsh and those that are over warm.  All the Hot blends we choose have to get the approval of our customers, otherwise we will drop them. So far our customers seem satisfied that we have met their criteria for providing good quality Hot Dokha blends.

Basically the tobacco plant is the same, whatever the blend – again, it is just a matter of the skill in the cultivation, the impact of the weather and water availability, together with the knowledge the farmer has in mixing the final product.


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