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Trex X2 Dokha by Bin Khumery – 50ml / 14g

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Trex X2 Dokha by Bin Khumery – 50ml / 14g

Trex X2 Dokha by Bin Khumery – 50ml / 14g is a finely shredded tobacco that is medium/warm on the throat. This is the kind of medium blend that you would expect to find in your local shop in the UAE, simple, but smokes well and gives you a satisfying buzz. The Trex X2 Dokha by Bin Khumery – 50ml / 14g is classified as a medium tobacco. Enjoy Dokha selected the X2 Dokha to be added to our range because you asked for it…

Why buy Trex X2 Dokha pipe tobacco

  • medium but smooth on inhale
  • bottle size 50ml / 14gram – easy to hold
  • smooth smoke on the back of the throat
  • over 100 smokes per bottle

All of the Bin Khumery Trex range have been quality checked and hand picked for your satisfaction. Before deciding on purchasing this product, feel free to check out any reviews.

Our simple strategy – we won’t sell it if we don’t love it and we love the Trex X2 Dokha by Bin Khumery.

Online purchases are processed with SagePay because they support a secure portal – we accept major credit and debit cards.

At Enjoy Dokha, we are proud to bring you many different exciting blends, so if the Trex X2 Dokha by Bin Khumery is not to your taste you can try superior blends from other reputable suppliers such as Max Time, Abu Mohammad/Fadayee, Yousef Rida, Rabsha or Scorpion. We import all of our Dokha products direct from various sources in Dubai, the Middle East, including the local farms.

We always go the extra mile for our customers when it comes to Customer Service, because it’s the kind of 1st class service our customers have come to expect and will continue to receive until there is no more Dokha!

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