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How to Clean your Medwakh Pipe

You can get lots of enjoyment from your Medwakh pipe, as long as you take good care of it.


Depending on how much you use it, you may need to clean your pipe more regularly than you might expect! Enjoy Dokha’s guide on How to clean your Medwakh Pipe can help to answer any other questions you may have.

What is a Medwakh pipe?

A Medwakh pipe is a pipe specifically used to smoke Dokha, the original Arabian tobacco we’re very familiar with! The word ‘Dokha’ translates into English as ‘dizzy’ and what we now call the ‘Buzz’ resonates with that word, especially when we talk about the sensation you feel when you smoke Dokha. With features such as a smaller bowl, the Medwakh pipe is designed to cater for the more concentrated Arabic tobacco, also, the length of the stem of a Medwakh pipe can vary, from very short to very long – EnjoyDokha have a wonderfully eccentric Medwakh which is 12inches long called The Footlong.

There are many reasons why you should clean your Medwakh pipe the right way every time:

  • Cleaning your pipe helps to keep it in tip top condition
  • A clean pipe gives a tastier, fresher smoke
  • Helps to make your pipe last longer than it otherwise would
  • For genuine, authentic flavour, cleaning your Medwakh pipe ensures a great smoking experience every time


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Why is it important to clean your Medwakh pipe?

It’s really important to take care of your Medwakh pipe. In reality, it shouldn’t take you too long to do, and it can considerably elongate the life of your Medwakh pipe. This is a bonus for you, and just by taking a little time to clean it, you will save yourself money and time overall. What’s more, cleaning your Medwakh pipe is the best way to absolutely guarantee you have the best possible smoke every single time.

People have been enjoying the great taste of Dokha tobacco for years, and nobody wants their smoking experience to be let down by the pipe and accessories they are using. However, if you think it’s time to buy a replacement, then Enjoy Dokha has a range of premium Medwakh pipes to choose from for the ultimate smoking experience.

If you forget to regularly clean your Medwakh pipe, it can become blocked with soggy bits of stale tobacco, resulting in a less than great smoke.

Not to worry, cleaning your pipe is pretty simple. We’ve broken it down into some simple steps below.

A Medwakh pipe consists of three main parts, the bowl, the stem and the draught hole. All Medwakh pipes should support a filter, as having a filter on the end of your pipe helps to stop small particles of tobacco from ending up in your mouth.

What is a Medwakh filter?

A filter is used to cool the smoke and remove any moisture and tar that can form when the tobacco is lit. By removing any moisture, you avoid excess gurgling or a build-up of moisture that can eventually block the pipe.

How do I clean the Medwakh filter?

You don’t, you should simply swap your filter after 10 to 15 smokes to ensure you continue to enjoy a fresh tobacco smoke every time.

How often should I change my filter?

It’s recommended you change your filter after around 10 uses, so the taste of the Dokha remains fresh.  If the cotton in the filter turns brown, we recommend you change your filter. You can check out Enjoy Dokha’s range of Medwakh filters right here.

How do I clean a Medwakh pipe?

  • Remove the filter tip to have clear access to the stem of the pipe. This is where the pipe cleaner comes in handy.
  • Use either a fabric or a bristle pipe cleaner to clean the inside of the bowl and stem of the pipe. Insert the pipe cleaner into the pipe from the mouth end first. The pipe cleaner needs to be seen out the other end; twist the pipe cleaner back and forth and pull it back out again to ensure the stem is thoroughly clear of any tobacco particles.
  • Bend the bottom of the fabric pipe cleaner or use the knub of the bristle cleaner to remove as much stale tobacco from the bowl of the pipe.  You can repeat this action as often as necessary.
  • We would advise that you twist a thick piece of kitchen roll in your fingers and put it directly into the bowl. Twist it around and around to make sure that any ‘black’ residue is removed.
  • Finally, after you have cleaned the pipe, blow through your Medwakh pipe to make sure it is clean all the way through.

Once you’ve applied a new filter, hey presto! You’re good to go. Follow these simple steps and your Medwakh pipe will not only last longer but your smoking experience will be as good as your very first Dokha smoke!


If you have a Medwakh Pipe that is crafted from wood, you can use a drop of Olive oil on a piece of soft kitchen paper and gently rub along the shaft of the pipe to give it an extra shine. Under no circumstances allow any drops of the oil to come into contact with the inside of the bowl or the inside of the mouthpiece…

What is the bowl of a Medwakh pipe?

The bowl of the pipe is the part that holds the Dokha tobacco, and generally speaking the bowls of Medwakh pipes are smaller than the bowls in traditional pipes. This is because Dokha tobacco is shredded more finely and a more concentrated tobacco, so you need less in the bowl to be smoked.  Traditionally, Medwakh Dokha Pipes are around 6 inches long, but you can find a whole range or shapes and sizes.

Think your accessories are out of date?

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Who are Enjoy Dokha?

Enjoy Dokha are proud providers of premium tasting Dokha tobacco, delivering our products worldwide. The Dokha that we use in our products is all natural, as we know how important it is for our customers around the world to get authentic Dokha, free from any harmful pesticides, herbicides, dyes or artificial flavouring of any kind.

Our Dokha has nothing added and has nothing taken away – all natural, grown at high altitude, only using fresh water to irrigate the fields and hot desert sunshine to produce quality tobacco leaves, which are harvested, bottled and delivered straight to your door.  Now that’s fresh…. enjoy!

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