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Guide to Dokha Accessories

Our Guide to Dokha Accessories encompasses all that you will need for a great smoking experience


Our Guide to Dokha Accessories encompasses all that you will need for a great smoking experience

If you are new to the ‘Dokha family‘ or are thinking of switching from smoking cigarettes to smoking Dokha Arabic tobacco, then you need to know what implements you will need to have at your disposal to enjoy smoking Dokha on the go…

We have lots of accessories to choose from, once you have made the decision to switch.  Although we don’t advocate that you start smoking at all, we personally think that smoking Dokha as opposed to cigarettes can be a better move… Our Guide to Dokha Accessories will help you to decide what you should have with you at all times.

Why Choose Dokha over other pipe tobaccos?

Simple – Arabic tobacco is a more natural product than most western tobaccos.  Arabic tobacco, or Dokha as it is more colloquially known, is grown at high altitude using only fresh water and sunshine to produce the very best quality Dokha on the planet.  There are absolutely no chemicals added to this product – no pesticides or herbicides are used in the growing cycle.  There are no dyes or flavourings added in the manufacturing process and the final product is bottled in air-tight bottles to keep all of the freshness and natural colouration of the original product in tact.

Dokha tobacco is classified into Light (Blue), Medium (Gold) and Hot (Red) blends – If you are a beginner to smoking Dokha then you should always start with a Light blend. We recommend that you start with some of the following blends:  ED Blue, Shahi, Enjoy Dokha Blue 500 or Yousef Rida Light Cold blends.  Some of these blends come in three different bottle sizes 25ml / 9gram, 50ml / 14gram and 250ml / 70gram (supplied in 5 x 50ml /14gram bottles) for a more economic purchase and ease of carrying in your Dokha pouch.

Once you have a little more experience then you can graduate to a warmer blend such as a Medium (Gold) blend.  We can recommend ED Gold, G55, Enjoy Dokha Gold 500, Mister and Maya as great Medium Dokha blends.  Of course we have lots of other Medium blends that you could try, and if you are wishing to go down that route we recommend that you purchase the 5 Sample Bag option on our website.  You can let us know which 5 samples you would like to try once you get to the Checkout, where you can leave a message in the Customer Notes as to which blends you would like to try.

Only the experienced Dokha smoker should entertain smoking the hotter blends such as ED Red or Achilles or VOD, for example.  Again there are quite a few hotter blends on offer on our website – some of these blends come pre-packaged so we are unable to send samples – these include Scorpion Red, Max Time Hot, Rabsha Red and Yousef Rida Black Half and Half and their Green Dokha.

Continue to read our Guide to Dokha Accessories to learn more about the bits and pieces you need to smoke Dokha….

Guide to Dokha accessories must include a Medwakh pipe to smoke your Dokha in…

A Medwakh pipe (sometimes spelled Midwakh) is the traditional method of smoking Dokha.  Enjoy Dokha have a wide range of styles and the design detail on our most standard pipes is also pleasing to the eye.  Once you have taken the step to decide to smoke Dokha, as opposed to other tobaccos such as cigarettes, you can always move up the scale of Medwakh pipes to our Premium Medwakh range.  Obviously our ‘Premium’ pipes are little more expensive than the standard range, but still very affordable. In this section you will find styles such as the Bilbo Baggins Medwakh or the Fleckle Grey.

If you are slightly eccentric then you might be drawn to our Footlong Medwakh which is an outrageous 12 inches in length that will definitely get you noticed.  The Shark Tooth and the Dragon Fire Medwakh are two of our most popular Premium Medwakh pipes.

Top of the range is our German engineered Loupolus Medwakh – it will be difficult to find a finer example of craftsmanship anywhere else.

Filtering your smoke is essential

For a cleaner smoking experience you will need to consider which Filter to use on the end of your Medwakh pipe. We have lots to choose from, but basically they all do the same thing – filtering out tobacco particles and impurities from entering your mouth.  We have cotton filters, silicon filters and a combination of the two.

Our most popular standard filter is the Bio Pipe filter which is easy to put on the end of your Medwakh.  Having a filter on the end of your pipe also helps to lower the temperature of your Dokha intake.  There are 7 individual filters in each pack of Bio – one for each day of the week….

Please change your Bio filter when the cotton gets extremely dark in colour or after 10 – 15 smokes.

The Fadayee Classic Black/Brown are next in terms of popularity – basically the same as the Bio…

For a longer filter than those described above, the Yousef Rida Black Tip or Fadayee Black Tip silicon filters are very popular with our customers.  Again there are 7 filters in each pack and lasts up to 20 smokes maximum per filter.  A lot depends on how much you smoke as to how long you should be using a single filter.  The cleaner the filter the better your smoke…

Cleaning your Medwakh – goes without saying!

You won’t have a good smoking experience if you don’t take care of your Medwakh and in particular if you don’t clean it on a regular basis.  You don’t have to be paranoid about it but just think about it – if there is residual stale tobacco in the bowl of your pipe for example, then you will taste that staleness when you try to inhale the fresh Dokha you have just packed into the bowl – ugh!  That would leave a nasty taste in your mouth…

The stem of the pipe also needs cleaning as sometimes spittle gets into it, and that can make tobacco particles stick to the inside which can cause a serious blockage to the pipe.

We recommend that you use either a fabric pipe cleaner or a bristle pipe cleaner.  Please check out our  guide ‘How the Clean your Medwakh Pipe‘.  Basically you should push the fabric pipe cleaner/bristle pipe cleaner down the shaft (stem) of the pipe and twist it and pull it back out again when you will see any black tar and residual stale tobacco attach itself to the pipe cleaner.  You should do this more than once to ensure that any blockage has been removed.

We also sell a cleaning spray, however we are unable to put this particular product on a flight due to ‘flight restrictions’ by individual airlines. Basically this is an aerosol which blows air through the pipe to clear any blockages…

Colourful Pouches to Store all your Dokha paraphernalia

Of course we have standard Dokha pouches which you can choose from which come in Black, Brown and Plum (red), however you could also consider choosing a more vibrant colour such as Dark Green, Turquoise (more like Apple Green) or Royal Blue from the same standard collection.

If, on the other hand, you want something more exclusive then we would like to point you in the direction of our 100% Genuine Leather pouches in Black, Natural Brown, Ferrari Red, Cobalt Blue, Peachy Pink and vibrant Apple Green.

So the long and the short of it is that you should be able to put your Dokha tobacco bottle, your Medwakh pipe, filters and pipe cleaners in any one of these beautiful pouches which ensures that you are never without something that you need to have a great smoking experience with Enjoy Dokha….

We hope that this Guide to Dokha Accessories will help you..


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