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Enjoy Dokha

What’s the Best Time to Enjoy Dokha?

December 16, 2019

Anybody who is looking for advice on the best time to enjoy Dokha, then look no further!  As experts in the world of Dokha tobacco, we know a thing or two about the best time to smoke Dokha to ensure you get the most out of every experience.

We’ll take you through the steps to follow to make sure you’re making the most out of your Dokha experience, and we’ll also touch on the best time to enjoy it…

Don’t forget Dokha is not like normal tobacco…

Dokha tobacco isn’t like cigarette tobacco as it contains a higher level of nicotine. This means if you’re popping out for a cigarette at work, then Dokha might take it out of you! Dokha tobacco provides the ultimate smoking experience, so be prepared to make the most of every smoking experience and relish in the buzz you get from it.

Additionally, its best to enjoy Dokha in the pipe that was specifically designed to consume it. We have more about the Medwakh pipe here.

Different types of Dokha

If you’ve never smoked Dokha before, we advise you sit down before you smoke it to enjoy the intense ‘buzz’ as much as possible.

  • Light Dokha blend: Offers a smooth inhale/exhale and a light buzz –  Light Dokha is a good choice for beginners.
  • Medium Dokha blend: Offers an intense but relaxing buzz – opt for Medium Dokha if you are a regular Dokha smoker for a more elongated, authentic smoking experience.
  • Hot Dokha blend: For seasoned smokers only – a hot Dokha blend delivers a rush of heat and a stronger buzz packed with flavour. We do not advocate you choose a hot blend if you have never smoked Dokha before…

Best time to enjoy Dokha tobacco

Due to the unique feeling smoking Dokha tobacco gives you, aim to smoke it in a comfortable setting and when you have time to enjoy it. If you don’t think you’ll have time to enjoy it, don’t force it! Smoking Dokha shouldn’t be done in a rush. To enjoy the intense high-quality taste and flavour of Arabic tobacco, you need to take it easy and not be rushed for a true smoking experience.

Dokha has been described as a ‘lazy man’s tobacco‘, simply because smoking it should never be rushed – it should be smoked at leisure and not just to get the nicotine intake!  It has also been described like drinking an espresso instead of a cappuccino. The instant hit doesn’t last too long, however the nature of the tobacco means you can truly relish the great flavour and associated ‘buzz’. So prepare your Medwakh pipe for an enjoyable smoke, as you can take your time and enjoy a true smoking experience – the way it was originally meant to be.

Why is Dokha tobacco different?

Dokha tobacco is a very pure form of tobacco, meaning you get more of an intense, enjoyable buzz from every single smoke. That’s why it’s best to make sure you’ve got everything you need at the ready –  a great Dokha blend, Medwakh pipe, filters and pipe cleaners.  Our starter kits do this job beautifully…

TOP TIP: For everything you need to know about our Dokha tobacco, check out our Guide To Dokha Tobacco? From the tobacco’s origins, to details about where it is grown and how long the buzz lasts for, you’ll find it all!

Enjoy the best smoking experience

First, pack the bowl tight (not too tight) with the Dokha blend of your choice, for the best results! Fill it and press it down. Draw on your Medwakh to inhale – if it won’t stay lit, or if you can’t draw through it, then it’s packed too tightly (this is easily done) but that’s about the only limitation. On the inhale, hold it for a few seconds, before exhaling slowly to experience the Dokha buzz!

Top Tip: 3 hits is only advised for experienced smokers, so remember to smoke responsibly!

We have a range of quality Dokha tobaccos and related products so you are bound to find something to suit….You can also check out our range of premium Dokha products here.

To discover more about the world of Enjoy Dokha, head to our website. You’ll find all the latest products as well as great guides on getting the most out of every smoking experience. What more could you want?


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