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The Roots of Dokha Tobacco

December 18, 2019

The roots of Dokha tobacco go back hundreds of years.

The first documented evidence of tobacco leaves being smoked in a small, hand carved, wooden pipe dates back to the 1400s. Shepherds in the mountains of northern Iran smoked this tender leaf tobacco while tending their flock. The tobacco was  grown for recreational and perceived  medicinal use.  No-one knows exactly where the word ‘Dokha’ came from, however, it’s a very apt name as it is believed that the word Dokha roughly translated into English means ‘dizzy’.  Smokers of this tobacco (Dokha) speak highly of the ‘buzz’ associated with the experience of smoking Dokha – the buzz being the ‘dizzy’ sensation you get when smoking this traditional Arabic tobacco, especially for the first time….

Although Dokha has its roots in Persian culture, today it is smoked all over the world – sailors brought it to the Middle East and the Middle East brought it to the rest of the world.  Dokha used to be the preserve of royalty, saving the best quality Dokha for themselves, however nowadays the common man can get hold of these premium Dokha products simply by purchasing them from Enjoy Dokha wherever you are in the world…

The traditional Dokha curing method is super natural as there are no chemicals, additives or preservatives added to this natural pure product.  Large whole tobacco leaves are harvested and hung to dry out in the arid desert air on a line similar to a fishing line or hung from wooden battens in semi enclosed barns.   While hanging, the tips of the leaves are saturated with nicotine, and the natural colouration of the tobacco plant is maintained – nothing added and absolutely nothing taken away.

Where can I buy Dokha Tobacco

With a substantial number of people looking at alternatives to smoking cigarettes, Dokha is of interest to them – especially when they learn how the tobacco is organically grown, harvested and sealed in air tight bottles to preserve the freshness and colouration of the tobacco.  Enjoy Dokha have worked hard to educate people about the difference between cigarette tobacco and Arabic tobacco (Dokha).  Whereas western cigarette tobacco is full of chemicals, Arabic tobacco is grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides or anything else being added to the crop – nothing added and nothing taken away… Whilst we are not advocating smoking at all, the better option, if you choose to smoke, is to try Dokha for a true smoking experience.  The blends that we sell are typically classed as Light (Blue), Medium (Gold) or Hot (Red) – We also sell blends that are mixed so you can have a light/medium blend or you can have a medium/hot – so there is bound to be a blend which ticks a box for most of our customers.

If you visit the Enjoy Dokha website and scroll to the website footer and then click on the Store Locator you can see that a lot of Independent Tobacconists have signed up with us to bring Dokha to their local communities.  They tell us that they are surprised at how popular it is becoming with their regular local customers and that’s good news for the future sustainability of both our business and our partners across the Middle East.

If you can’t find a local Independent Tobacconist that carries your favourite brand or blend, then of course you can come direct to Enjoy Dokha’s website and order your preference.

Enjoy Dokha specialise in international shipping, even to hard to reach locations.  We recommend you create an account so you collect free Dokha points for a discount.  After creating an account, the cart will show you what shipping options are available to you, based on your location.  If you are unsure, feel free to email our support team at service@enjoydokha.com.


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