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A Guide To Dokha Tobacco

Everything you need to know about Dokha tobacco


Finding high quality Dokha tobacco online that has a great taste can be tricky, which is why Enjoy Dokha have done all the hard work for you with our Guide to Dokha Tobacco.

Dokha tobacco has a history as unique as its flavour, and we’ve delved a little deeper into the characteristics below. The more you know about the tobacco you’re smoking, we are hoping the better your smoking experience will be. No matter if you are an experienced Dokha tobacco smoker or you just want to brush up on your knowledge of Arabic tobacco, we’ve created this guide to help answer any questions you may have.

What is Dokha?

Dokha tobacco is a natural and pure dry Arabic tobacco, very popular in the Middle East.  As more and more people from the Middle East are travelling further afield, so the popularity of Dokha tobacco has grown across the globe, primarily due to its distinctive flavour and texture.

History of Arabic tobacco

The history of Dokha tobacco stretches as far back as the 14th Century, where it originated in Iran. According to legend, the shepherds would tend their flock smoking Dokha in a small clay or wooden pipe which they hand carved themselves.  The smoking of Dokha was then spread by Sailors sailing in the Caspian Sea, eventually spreading more widely across the Middle East.  Today Dokha is an extremely popular tobacco choice in the Middle East and beyond, more and more countries are becoming aware of Dokha, as it offers a more refined smoking experience.

What makes Dokha tobacco different?

The difference between Dokha tobacco and other tobaccos on the market lies in the way it is grown and looked after.

It is typically grown in the mountainous regions of the United Arab Emirates, with manually maintained irrigation systems. These irrigation channels, which only use fresh water, are tended to by local farmers. The plants are grown organically, so there are no additives or chemicals added to the tobacco in the growing process. This simple method of caring for the tobacco plants, coupled with the dry arid conditions of the UAE desert, enhances the flavour of Dokha tobacco. The origins of its distinctive taste lies in the way it is grown, harvested and eventually bottled in air-tight bottles to maintain the green/brown colouration and freshness of the tobacco..

Note: This usually means that the natural green flavour of the tobacco is not lost. This can throw some people off, but it is actually a good thing!

Dokha is not fire cured and cut, but dried in the arid desert region where it is grown.

In the case of Enjoy Dokha tobaccos, we just let nature do its stuff. Our tobacco is not tampered with in any way, just hung up on wooden battens and left to dry naturally. This process helps give Dokha its distinctive pure and tender taste. Once completely dried the large stalks are removed and it is then finely ground – a process that takes time, knowledge and precision. This gentle handling of the product by knowledgeable local farmers ensures that the finely ground tobacco is packed with organic flavour. The natural taste is maintained, and this is where Dokha, and in particular Enjoy Dokha’s blends differ from Western tobacco products which can contain lots of chemicals. Less processing means a more natural, refined product.

What makes Dokha tobacco different? -A guide to Dokha Tobacco - Arabic Pipe Tobacco - Enjoy Dokha Authentic from the UAEA guide to Dokha Tobacco - Arabic Pipe Tobacco - Enjoy Dokha Authentic from the UAE


Why choose Dokha tobacco?

The absence of chemicals through the whole process not only ensures a better, high quality, organic flavour, but has to be the healthier option since you are not inhaling additional manmade chemicals (not that we advocate smoking at all).  Another feature of Dokha tobacco is that it is odourless – so for those conscious of the nasty smell that some smoking tobaccos sometimes creates, Dokha tobacco would be a good choice. Dokha tobacco, unlike many Western tobaccos, leaves no residual smell. Whether you’re worried about your clothing, breath, hair, car, or other non-smokers, you don’t need to be with Dokha. The nature of the growing process and the lack of chemicals ensures the tobacco has a better reaction to being lit, thus creating a more enjoyable (and odourless) experience.

What’s more, Dokha is totally free from pesticides, herbicides, dyes or other flavourings. The net product is simply untainted, unaltered tobacco in its most natural form. Enjoy Dokha believes this is how Dokha tobacco should be enjoyed.

It’s still tobacco!
Now, we don’t advocate that smoking any type of tobacco is good for you; it is still tobacco. Rather, Enjoy Dokha tobacco aim to help people realise that smoking Dokha tobacco is more of an exclusive and enjoyable smoking experience.

While we’re on the subject…
Statistically speaking, those who exclusively smoke Dokha tobacco do, in fact, consume less tobacco, compared to when smoking regular tobacco like cigarettes.

Dokha tobacco smokers physically smoke less tobacco because the smoker only requires a ‘pinch’ of tobacco to put into the bowl of their Medwakh pipe. But don’t be confused – we are not suggesting that smoking Dokha is a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, just that you are bound to smoke a lot less. Those who smoke tobacco are aware of the risks and what is involved, but those that enjoy Dokha tobacco can at least be assured of a tobacco product of the finest quality.

How can it be smoked

Dokha tobacco is traditionally enjoyed when smoked with a Medwakh (Midwakh) pipe. This Medwakh pipe is of Arabian origin and is smaller in size when compared to Western counterparts. Top quality Dokha tobacco is not mixed with any other leaves, bark or herbs before being smoked – something that is commonly mistaken. Medwakhs are particularly popular in the UAE as this is where they are traditionally smoked.

Medwakh pipes are often custom made, as this allows customers to design bespoke pipes of their own creation, so they can enjoy smoking Dokha the right way for them. Materials used to create Medwakh pipes include wood, bone, marble, plastic glass or various metals such as steel, gold, and silver.  Also, the size of these pipes make them easily transportable, for those who wish to smoke on the move.

Not sure what pipe might suit you? Don’t worry, as we have over 30 different designs and styles to choose from. Find them here. The filtered Medwakh pipe ensures that no tobacco particles enter your mouth, compared to some Western tobacco products.

Good to know: Enjoy Dokha’s ‘A Guide To Dokha Tobacco’ – is not designed to offer a healthy alternative, rather to inform and educate our customers that by choosing to smoke Dokha they can have a more enjoyable, exclusive smoking experience.

Different blends Available

Lots of different Dokha blends Abailable -A guide to Dokha Tobacco - Arabic Pipe Tobacco - Enjoy Dokha Authentic from the UAE

Dokha tobacco from Enjoy Dokha traditionally comes in 3 different strengths; Light (Blue), Medium (Gold) and Hot (Red).

  • Light (Blue) Dokha: Offers a smooth inhale and a light buzz. Light (Blue) Dokha is strongly recommended as a good choice for beginners.
  • Medium (Gold) Dokha: Choose a Medium (Gold) Dokha blend for a more elongated, authentic smoking experience.
  • Hot (Red) Dokha: Only choose a Hot (Red) Dokha blend if you are a seasoned Dokha smoker as it delivers a rush of heat on inhale and exhale with a stronger buzz –  packed full of flavour.

Hopefully all of the above – A Guide To Dokha Tobacco – is helpful and informative in building trust in the brand that is Enjoy Dokha.


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