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Top 5 Dokha Blends From Year’s Crop

December 23, 2019

Top 5 Dokha Blends From Year’s Crop

The top 5 Dokha blends from year’s crop are just as good as the top 5 Dokha blends from last year’s crop!  Which Dokhas should we praise the most and what criteria do we base our praise on.

Best Top 5 Dokha Blends From Year’s Crop

Based on our customer choices for the 2019 season, we are happy to say that the best Hot Dokha blends are Enjoy Dokha Hot (ED RED), Black 3 (Abu Mohammed – Fadayee brand), Achilles which is a special blend by Enjoy Dokha and VOD.  We have taken colouration, flavour and ‘buzz’ or head rush into account before making our recommendation.  Although these blends have been around for a few years now – each year we get a new crop of the same blends but basically we try to ensure that there is consistency in the product from seed to shelf where our customers can be sure that they are receiving the very best quality Hot Dokha blends on the market.

Best Medium Dokha blends

Top 5 Medium Dokha Blends From Year’s Crop.  When choosing which are the best Medium Dokha blends to include in this ‘Blog’ post we must include Enjoy dokha Medium (ED GOLD) – consistently good Dokha with full flavour and not too harsh on the throat.  This is one of our very best sellers and has been for a number of years now. Our customers keep asking for it as they consider it to be a staple amongst the Medium Dokha blends that they have tried.

We would also like to give a mention to Mister, Maya and G55 as these are great medium blends which year after year have proven to be best sellers.  Warm on the inhale but not so warm as to feel any harshness at the back of your throat.  Yousef Redha Gold 50 and Yousef Redha Silver 50 are also best sellers.  You know when you purchase any of Yousef Rida’s blends you are getting quality Dokha no matter which year you purchase them in – they ensure consistent quality control over the Dokha crops from seed to shelf just like Enjoy Dokha do.

The ‘Buzz’ is dependent on whether you are a seasoned Dokha smoker or not – obviously if you are just starting to smoke Dokha then the ‘Buzz’ will be more intense.

We introduced G65 at the back end of last year and it has taken off like a rocket!  Full of flavour and our customers tell us has a long lasting head rush…

Best Light/Cold Dokha blends

Top 5 Light Dokha Blends From Year’s Crop.  Enjoy Dokha Light (ED BLUE) and Yousef Redha Blue 50 were our best sellers during 2019 and we introduced Ferrari a few months ago which our customers have complimented us on as being a Light Dokha, full of flavour and gentle on the throat.

We must not forget about the Max Time Light either – Max Time are not as well known in Dubai as Yousef Rida, however, they are enjoying something resembling a surge in popularity in the UK.


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