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5 x Fadayee Filters White Multi Buy

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5 x Fadayee Filters White Multi Buy

The Enjoy Dokha team are constantly looking at ways to help our customers save money and we think that this new 5 x Fadayee Filters White Multi Buy option fits the bill.

Why choose Fadayee filters white multi buy?

  • simple – Fadayee multi buy saves money
  • fits easily on the end of your favourite Medwakh pipe
  • double filtering action, to help reduce bits of tobacco getting through to your mouth
  • colour: White
  • length: 4cm
  • each filter lasts up to 15 smokes

When does size really matter?

Size matters because many customers carry their Dokha paraphernalia in a pouch, which should always include a pack or two of filters for their Medwakh.  The use of a filter on the end of your pipe helps prevent tar and tobacco particles from reaching your mouth.  Using a filter on the end of your Medwakh does not dilute the taste or flavour of your chosen Dokha blend in any way.

Most filters have a cotton insert or silicon and cotton which traps the tar before reaching your mouth, so even if you are smoking a cigarette from time to time you should consider using a filter on the end for this reason.

How do I clean the Fadayee Medwakh filter?

You don’t, you should simply swap your filter after 10 to 15 smokes to ensure you continue to enjoy a fresh tobacco smoke every time.

How often should I change my filter?

It’s recommended you change your filter after around 10 uses, so the taste of the Dokha remains fresh.  If the cotton in the filter turns brown, we recommend you change your filter. You can check out Enjoy Dokha’s range of Medwakh filters right here.


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