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Medwakh Dokha For Beginners

June 10, 2021

Making the switch from smoking cigarettes to choosing Medwakh Dokha for beginners is a courageous move…

Why choose Medwakh Dokha for beginners

Simple – if you haven’t tried Dokha Arabic tobacco before then you have to start with a low strength, otherwise you could be put off continuing to use it.  The strength of this pure, natural and additive free tobacco gets stronger as you go through the blend strengths.  Light (Blue) being recommended for beginners, Medium (Gold) for regular smokers and Hot (Red) for experienced Dokha smokers, although regular and experienced smokers usually swap or mix between the two – Gold and Red to experience an overwarm flavour…

Don’t assume that because you are a ‘smoker’ you should immediately start with the Medium (Gold) for example.  This Arabic tobacco is totally different from western tobaccos and a unique experience, so we advise to take small steps to mitigate any dislike because you perceive that the blend is too strong – smoking Dokha through a Medwakh pipe is a completely different experience from a western style pipe or smoking cigarettes.

What is a Medwakh (sometimes spelled Midwakh)

A Medwakh is a small straight pipe – usually approximately 6 inches long, which has a very small bowl to hold the Dokha tobacco.  The pipe also supports a filter at the mouth piece end to help stop tobacco particles from getting into your mouth.  Medwakh pipes are usually made from wood, however they can be made from lots of other materials including animal bone, various metals including steel and aluminium….

Starter Kits are great for Medwakh Dokha beginners

Everything that you need to start smoking Dokha is provided with our starter kits – a 14gram bottle of Dokha, filters, pipe cleaners and Medwakh pipe – all within a faux leather pouch and you can even choose which colour pouch you would like from six stylish colours.

Pure and natural.  The Dokha provided with our Starter Kits is a pure, natural, Arabic tobacco which originates from the Middle East.  The Dokha that Enjoy Dokha brings to market is grown at high altitude, which basically means that the plants benefit from the cooler evenings/nights, but thrive in the daytime desert sunshine.  Using only fresh water, which is channelled amongst the plants, ensures that the plants don’t dry out in the heat of the day.  Once these tender leaf tobacco plants are harvested and hung up to dry on battens in a ‘barn‘ like structure, the leaves are finely ground in a timely manner by Dokha connoisseurs.  Being a natural product there will always be small differences to taste, depending on the weather during the time the plant is growing, for example, however, the knowledge and expertise of those whom Enjoy Dokha have chosen to partner with is passed down from generation to generation, and it is this expertise that ensures the consistency of freshness and natural colouration of the tobacco leaves is preserved.

Absolute Beginners’ Starter Kit

50ml / 14gram bottle of Dokha – ED Blue, Shahi, YR Light cold, Ferrari (you can let us know your preference from these four blends).
1 pack of filters
Pipe cleaners
Medwakh Pipe to the value of £21 (you can let us know at the checkout which pipe you would like, up to this value)

Faux leather pouch – you can choose from six colours: black, brown, plum red, royal blue, dark green, turquoise/apple green and again you can let us know at the checkout which colour you would like.


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