Enjoy Dokha

Snazzy Shahnaz Medwakh Pipe

June 10, 2021

For all Dokha connoisseurs out there, the Enjoy Dokha Shahnaz Medwakh pipe is a clear winner!

Snazzy Shahnaz is a good looking Medwakh and feels great to hold and smoke in equal measure.  If you are as fashion conscious as you are a connoisseur of great Dokha blends, then this pipe will have your peers chattering…

Super stylish in design the Snazzy Shahnaz Medwakh Pipe is out to impress..

The grain of the woods used is always on show and can vary between each pipe because each pipe is hand carved from wood. Each piece of the wood used to carve this elegant Medwakh is potentially full of different patterns and it is a ‘quirk of nature‘ that brings to life this stunningly beautiful Medwakh pipe.

What has Shahnaz got that others don’t?

The answer is in the name ‘Shahnaz’ which means ‘pride of the king‘ and we can guarantee that if you owned this pipe you would be a very proud man or woman and would take pride in looking after it to ensure a great smoking experience every time you used it !

Not only is it made from strong, beautifully grained wood, but the designers have incorporated some small metal embellishment to stylise it even further and make it look super snazzy…

The bowl is not to big or too small with this Medwakh, and a good filter on the end will ensure a smooth smoke, avoiding bits of tobacco from entering your mouth and impairing your smoking experience..

Each bottle of 50ml / 14gram Dokha should give you approximately 100 hits with your Medwakh – depending how you tamper down your tobacco flakes of course…

It is best to clean this pipe using a bristle or fabric pipe cleaner.  You can push either down the shaft of the pipe and twist it two or three times and pull it back again to remove any residual tobacco and potentially tar from blocking the pipe..

We recommend changing your filters after 10 to 15 smokes – if you buy ‘cotton’ filters you will be able to see that the cotton incorporated into the filter turns brown and when it goes brown it is time to change it.  You won’t want to experience the taste of stale tobacco in your mouth so changing your filter and cleaning your pipe regularly will help to keep your pipe in tip top condition and as a result it will be a pleasure to smoke…

There are TWO colours to choose from – Black or Brown… why not buy both, then your outfit can be fully co-ordinated!


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