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Silver 500 Strong Dokha

May 26, 2021

Silver 500 Strong Dokha

Silver 500 strong Dokha is the Gold Standard of Enjoy Dokha’s House Blends.  We asked a number of our loyal customers if they would like to be amongst the first to taste this great new Dokha blend and spread the word…  This blend has been available on our website for our customers around the world to purchase for just over a year and the statistics show that sales have grown exponentially during this time.  This follows on the heels of the appreciation our customers have for the Enjoy Dokha Gold 500 blend which they also loved – what we found out over time is that the customers who started smoking the Gold 500 were intrigued enough by that experience to sample the slightly stronger version of the Silver 500 and now they swap between the two blends or buy them both together.

Dokha is generally classified as Light (Blue), Medium (Gold) or Hot (Red) – the Silver blends tend to be a mix of the Medium and Hot verities to make an over-warm blend.

Where does Silver 500 strong Dokha come from?

When Enjoy Dokha first proposed investing in a whole new range of Dokha blends, we had a checklist of what our customers around the world would want from their Dokha.  We first of all took a look at the whole production cycle of the Dokha plant – from seed to shelf – in the various areas of the UAE, and the Middle East.  We wanted to assure ourselves that what we were about to invest in would be what our customers wanted.

Enjoy Dokha has developed a network of trusted Partners in the region, as well as working closely with the local farming fraternity.  It is very important for us to continue embracing these friendships moving forward, especially if we wish to continue our No.1 for Dokha standing in the world, when it comes to the quality of the Dokha tobacco and complementary products we supply.

Why choose this blend

  • contains no additives whatsoever
  • medium over-warm smooth Dokha with sustained buzz
  • finely cut leaves ensures a top quality Dokha
  • 100-150 smokes per 50ml / 14gram bottle
  • 50ml / 14gram bottle is easy to hold and easy to carry in your Dokha pouch.

Because the 500 range of Dokhas are so popular we are considering bringing in a 25ml / 9gram bottle for each of the three blends.

The sales forecast for the Silver 500 is such that it will soon take over the top spot of our customers’ favourite blends, even surpassing the sales of Yousef Rida Blue 50 and Gold 50.

The continued exponential sales of Enjoy Dokha’s Silver 500 is the silver lining for our business going forward.


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