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What is Dokha Tobacco?

Let’s dive into the specifics of Dokha tobacco


Let’s dive into the specifics of Dokha tobaccoWhat is Dokha?

I hear you asking.  Very popular in the Middle East for many decades and colloquially known as ‘Dook’. Dokha originated in Gilaki in northern Iran in the 1400s.  It was smoked originally by sailors simply because it was perfect for using at sea.  Over the next hundred years or so, the use of Dokha tobacco spread and became especially more popular in the Middle East.

What is Dokha made from?

Our Dokha is the pure, natural and original tender leaf Arabic tobacco. Unlike most tobaccos, Dokha is not fire cured and cut, but dried in the arid desert region from which it came. It’s finely ground in a timely delicate manner to preserve the content of the tobacco, i’ts strength, freshness and pure flavour.

Due to the lesser degree of processing, Dokha tobacco should appear essentially unaltered from the plant leaves grown in the field. This allows it to maintain the green coloration of the natural plant and that is one of the main reasons why we have so many return customers – nothing added and nothing taken away…

In some countries Dokha is mixed with flowers, herbs and spices, however in the UK it is illegal to mix tobacco with any flavours whatsoever, therefore you can be sure that Enjoy Dokha’s  Dokha tobacco has absolutely nothing added to enhance the natural colour and nothing added to flavour the natural and original Arabic tobacco.

Are there additives in Dokha?

Enjoy Dokha has pursued a policy of supplying only the highest quality Dokha to the UK market and that means our Dokha is totally free from pesticides, herbicides, dyes or any other flavouring.

Enjoy Dokha’s team of specialists have investigated several suppliers of Dokha over the years and were surprised at how many ‘so called’ Dokha varieties there were on the market that had such vibrant colours – tobacco should be naturally either a brownish or a greenish colour or something in between – definitely not red or bright green or blue, in some instances!

Enjoy Dokha travelled extensively and learned exactly where and how the plant was grown, processed and what was or wasn’t added to the final product.

Unfortunately, we cannot say the same of some other Dokha suppliers. Some of our customers have reported to us that they have experienced flavouring and chemical dyes being added to the Dokha that they have purchased – this typically happens when Dokha is purchased abroad as the rules around the sale of tobacco products in the UK are so much stricter than in other countries.

Some suppliers purchase cheap Dokha and then camouflage the taste and colour by adding food flavouring and dyes to the product.  This way they can sell the cheaper Dokha for a higher price.  Unfortunately, the resultant colour and flavour of the natural Dokha tobacco has been lost.

Where is Dokha Tobacco Grown?

Typically Dokha is grown on plateau fields in mountainous regions in the UAE. There are complex irrigation systems deployed which are controlled manually.  Without these irrigation systems the plants would die as the region is essentially arid desert.

The plants are tendered by local farmers, with good knowledge of the care and attention that these delicate, high yielding tobacco plants require.  On a daily basis, the farmers remove any weeds and pests that appear and generally keep the plants in tip top condition without the use of pesticides or herbicides.  The air is very clean as the plants are grown at high altitude and with large amounts of sun the plants grow very quickly.

About half the growth – 3ft – of the tender Arabic tobacco plant is achieved in the first six months of the year when the days are warm but the nights are cool. In the final two months of the plants’ life they will grow to about 6ft, aided by the warmer milder nights.  Harvesting takes place around June when the plants are hung to dry in the arid desert air. Nothing more is ever added.  It’s finely ground in a timely manner to preserve the delicate flavours of the natural tobacco leaves whilst also maintaining the strength, freshness and green colouration of the natural plant.  The resultant blends are typically classified into light, medium or hot Dokha varieties.

Is Dokha Legal?

Everywhere that it’s legal to purchase and smoke tobacco products it’s legal to purchase and smoke Dokha, assuming the person buying/smoking the Dokha is not underage.

Here are some responses from specific countries where the question has been asked:

United Kingdom:

The legal smoking age is 18 years old. As long as you can prove that you are over 18 then it is perfectly legal to purchase and smoke Dokha.  Enjoy Dokha would, however, draw to your attention to the fact that there are some ‘dodgy’ Dokha suppliers in the UK market who don’t comply with up to date regulation, so please ensure that you purchase your Dokha from a reputable retailer. Our ‘Store Locator’ of reputable Dokha suppliers may be able to help you.


Most European countries have strict regulations around the purchase and smoking of tobacco products.  Within Europe, the usual age for smoking is 18 years of age, however you should check the rules around the country you are visiting to ensure you are complying with local laws.

United States of America:

The legal age for purchasing and smoking tobacco products is 18 years old.  Enjoy Dokha are bringing their Dokha blends to the USA simply because our customers have asked us to, as they know how reliable the quality of Enjoy Dokha products are.

United Arab Emirates:

The UAE passed ‘Federal Law No. 15’ regarding Tobacco Control in December 2009, making the legal age to purchase tobacco products, including Dokha, 18 years old.  The law also make smoking in cars (with children under 12 present), houses or worship, educational campuses and health/fitness centres, illegal.


Dokha is completely legal in India.  Dokha being a natural tobacco, however, you should check the legal age requirement depending on the region you are in.

Rest of the world:

Common sense tells us to check the legal age requirement to purchase or smoke all tobacco products.

Can you Travel with Dokha:

Most countries apply strict limits around the amount of tobacco products you can bring in at any one time.  You should make enquiries and check those limits depending on which country you are visiting, as not all countries have the sale rules, even within Europe, for example. Ignorance is no excuse or defence for breaking the law! Dokha is a natural Arabic leaf tobacco so there should be no reason why you couldn’t carry it, but again, you need to check with the relevant country you are wishing to visit, as we are not an authority on individual countries’ rules and regulation around the quantities of tobacco products any country permits.

What colour should Dokha be:

Dokha, being a natural Arabic tender leaf tobacco, is naturally green in colour, so the resultant Dokha blends should always have the natural green to brown tobacco colouration.  Unfortunately, some suppliers add colour to the Dokha they supply – We feel that apart from being totally unethical, why would you want to absorb dyes into your body when the natural colouration of the plant should be all that is required.

What does Dokha feel like:

Most tobacco plants grown in the UAE for the production of Dokha are finely chopped in a timely manner to preserve the strength and flavour of the tobacco. Some Dokha blends are chopped finer than others. The finer the cut, the smoother the smoke in your Midwakh pipe. Most high grade Dokha is finely chopped for this reason.  Enjoy Dokha Mister or Maya  are good examples or high grade medium Dokha blends.  On the other hand, Achilles or VOD have a rougher cut which are considered to be harsher on inhale because they are hotter blends.

How long does the Dokha buzz last?

The buzz that you experience when smoking Dokha tobacco is caused by the nicotine in the leaf.  Just as if you were to smoke a cigarette first thing in the morning, you would feel a slight rush.  The Dokha buzz is the same thing just stronger, and depending on the blend you choose, it can be a lot stronger.  If you are reading this and thinking about trying Dokha for the first time, regular Dokha smokers will tell you the best time to smoke Dokha to get the Dokha buzz to last longer is first thing in the morning – this is because your Nicotine tolerance is low after sleeping.  The length of the Dokha buzz changes from person to person, but usually it will last between 10 – 30 seconds. If you smoke Dokha first thing in the morning, the Dokha buzz will last longer and be more intense.  If you smoke Dokha later in the day after smoking often, the Dokha buzz will be shorter due to your tolerance.  It is tradition when sampling Dokha for the first time, to have a sugar juice drink to have after you smoke Dokha – this juice helps keep you refreshed.

Does Dokha make you high?

No.  When you smoke Dokha tobacco, you do not get high.  This is a tobacco that originates from the Middle East so may seem unusual or even a little strange, but it is still just tobacco.  Because this is just a tobacco, I unfortunately, can confirm you will not have a mind bending trip through your third eye and travel to meet yourself in a parallel universe.

Does Dokha leave a smell?

There is no residual smell left behind when you smoke Dokha.  Unlike most western tobacco products, no tobacco smell clings to your hair or clothing . The smell of Dokha tobacco is generally inoffensive to non smokers. Also, no smell lingers on your breath either.

Blends are typically classified into light Dokha, medium Dokha, or hot Dokha.

Choosing the right Dokha blend for you is always fun. There’s plenty of variables to think about, different cuts, strengths and flavours.

Cold or Blue – Light and smooth on the throat. Great for those new to Dokha tobacco. A good blend to start with is either YR Cold or Shahi.

Warm or Gold – Rich, full flavour with a great rush ‘buzz’ while still smooth on the throat. The flagship blends of most suppliers fall into this category.  ED Gold and Mister are firm favourites with Enjoy Dokha customers.

Hot or Red – For the seasoned smoker, these blends are usually harsher on the throat but often gives the biggest “buzz”. Our most popular hot blend is Achilles, but make sure to sit down for your first hit – this is not for the fainthearted!



We’re passionate about bringing quality tobacco products to your doorstep!

In the past, local people of desert regions smoked dokha because it gave them a stimulating and comforting head rush. However, since its origin, the art of cultivating dokha tobacco has come a long way through generations upon generations tending to this crop to reward us with truly superior tobaccos in the present day.

By comparison, most smokers who have ventured to sample Dokha are intrigued by its particular quality, the often intense satisfaction it provides to the smoker and the unique flavour versus cigarettes, cigars or other pipe tobaccos.

Our customers are comforted to know that the Dokha tobaccos we provide are pure and natural – the leaves being harvested off organic crops, irrigated with only fresh water. Our Dokha tobaccos are free of chemical additives found in most other smoking products.

Our customers are also pleasantly surprised to note that smoking Dokha does not impart the foul odour associated with most tobaccos – it’s harder to tell whether or not people have been smoking Dokha.  There’s almost no second hand smoke so the smell doesn’t stick to clothing or your hair in the same way as cigarette smoke clings to fabric etc.

We can’t say whether smoking Dokha is a healthier option or not, however, we have learned that a large number of our customers decided to exclusively smoke Dokha as they believe the intake of smoke is less with Dokha as opposed to smoking a cigarette.

So we don’t mislead you, we are inclined to mention here that Enjoy Dokha Ltd does not advocate that the smoking of any tobacco product is advisable for your health – it’s still tobacco… however, if you use a double filter on the end of your Midwakh (Medwakh) that would be a better option.

Dokha is enjoyed with the use of a small, crafted smoking pipe called a Medwakh (sometimes spelt Midwakh). Originally, hollowed animal bones were used as pipes; however, craftsmen also made pipes using different types of exotic wood, among other materials, as a sign of prestige and status. Just as with any smoking device, Midwakh pipes are offered in a range of varieties for your individual preference and perhaps also as a sense of nostalgia. Consider each Medwakh a handcrafted artistry that you will feel proud to own and display as you enjoy your pastime…. offering a true delight to the connoisseur (or just that wild guy or gal with a taste for enjoyment of life – in all of its forms).


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