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Essential Medwakh cleaning products

August 24, 2023

Essential Medwakh cleaning products

Essential Medwakh cleaning products are provided by Enjoy Dokha to ensure that your chosen Medwakh pipe is always kept in tip top condition and your smoking experience is always as fresh as the first time you have used your pipe.

Depending on how often you use your Medwakh pipe, you may need to clean it more regularly than you expect. Our Guide on How to clean your Medwakh pipe can help to answer most questions you may have.

Although tapping a Medwakh pipe after smoking is common practice, it’s actually very damaging as it can lead to cracks and breakages to the pipe making it not fit for use anymore.

Here is a list of essential Medwakh cleaning products:

50pk or 100pk fabric pipe cleaners

Fabric pipe cleaners are designed to be pushed down the stem of your Medwakh pipe to get rid of residual tar and stale tobacco.

Single or 5pk bristle pipe cleaners

Bristle Medwakh pipe cleaners are a very functional piece of kit in that they do the same job as the fabric pipe cleaners above, however they can be washed in hot soapy water and when completely dry can be re-used.  Easy to carry in your Dokha pouch.

3 in 1 Metal Medwakh Pipe Cleaner

The 3 in 1 Metal Medwakh Pipe Cleaner is a no nonsense, no frills, yet very functional bit of kit.  No more and no less. It’s easy to clean all aspects of the 3 in 1 with hot soapy water – please ensure all of this tool is completely dry before re-use.  It’s something every Medwakh pipe user needs in their pouch as you’ll be using it all the time!  Extremely useful tool for cleaning the bowl of your pipe in particular.

2 in 1 Metal Medwakh Pipe Cleaner

This little ‘gem’ is strong so it will last a long time and is very portable and easily cleaned in hot soapy water for re-use (ensure completely dry before re-using).

These extremely useful little tools will fit into your Medwakh pouch to ensure you have a clean pipe when you are on the go….

Falcon pipe cleaning spray

Falcon Pipe Cleaner Spray 100ml is a high pressured air spray that will clean your Medwakh pipe and help to keep it in great condition.  Falcon Pipe Cleaner Spray clears and unblocks your Medwakh pipe within seconds and it is the most hygienic way to thoroughly clean and sterilise your Medwakh pipe.  By spraying the bowl of your Medwakh with Falcon Pipe Cleaner Spray, this action helps to remove stale tobacco and tar so your Medwakh pipe stays clean and fresh for a longer period. Please ensure that the bowl is completely dry before putting fresh Dokha in otherwise the flakes may stick to the sides of the bowl.

*** We are unable to deliver the Falcon Cleaning spray outside of Mainland Britain due to flight restrictions ***

Why is it essential to clean your Medwakh Pipe?

If you forget to regularly clean your Medwakh pipe, it can become blocked with soggy bits of stale tobacco, resulting in a less than great smoke.  A Medwakh pipe consists of three main parts, the bowl, the stem and the draught hole. All Medwakh pipes should support a filter, as having a filter on the end of your pipe helps to stop small particles of tobacco from ending up in your mouth.

The most essential Medwakh cleaning products you will need for a fresh smoke every time are either fabric pipe cleaners or bristle pipe cleaners.  The advantage of using bristle pipe cleaners is simply that you can wash them with hot soapy water and re-use them, whereas the fabric ones must be disposed of responsibly.. These types of pipe cleaners are long enough to go down the stem of your Medwakh to help clear any loose stale tobacco particles and potential tar that may get stuck.  Also you can clean the bowl with either of these options – with the fabric pipe cleaners, you just bend the end to create a ‘V’ shape and put it into the small bowl and work it in a circular motion to get any stale residual tobacco out before filling it with fresh tobacco.  With the bristle cleaner there is a little ‘knub’ at the end of the bristle to scrub out the bowl.

After using a fabric/bristle pipe cleaner, we would also advise that you twist a thick piece of kitchen roll in your fingers and put it directly into the bowl. Twist it around and around to make sure that any ‘black’ residue is removed.

Enjoy Dokha sell many different styles of filter, none of which impede the flow of smoke through your Medwakh, but a filter helps to stop bits of tobacco from reaching your mouth. We recommend changing your filters after 10-15 smokes so the taste of the Dokha remains fresh.  Basically if the cotton in the filter turns brown you should swap your filter for a new one.

Our Dokha has nothing added and has nothing taken away – all natural, grown at high altitude, only using fresh water to irrigate the fields and hot desert sunshine to produce quality tobacco leaves, which are harvested, bottled and delivered straight to your door.  Now that’s fresh…. enjoy!

A clean Medwakh pipe will smoke better, giving you the best buzz!


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