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Buying Dokha during Covid-19 quarantine

October 27, 2020

Buying Dokha online during Covid-19 quarantine is as simple as checking out Enjoy Dokha’s website – click, click, click where you will find everything you will ever need to have a great Dokha smoking experience.

The closure of a lot of the traditional tobacconist shops on our High Streets due to Covid-19 has come as a blow to those customers who were looking to pop into their local tobacconist and pick up their favourite Enjoy Dokha blend.  So our Dokha platform has become even more important to those customers hoping to find Dokha at a reasonable price and that can be delivered to them quickly….

No-one knows where the next lockdown is going to hit and it doesn’t appear that Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is going away anytime soon, so it is imperative, but also somewhat reassuring to our customers, that Enjoy Dokha continue to ‘keep the home fires burning‘ on top of the mountain that is Coronavirus!  We have a huge range of Dokha blends available and all fresh from the local farms in and around the UAE.

What is Dokha?

Dokha is a pure, additive free, Arabic tobacco which is smoked through a Medwakh (sometimes spelled Midwakh) pipe.  Dokha tobacco growers tend to be small independent farmers who pass their skills down from generation to generation.  They do not use any chemicals or pesticides on their crops and while attending their precious crop, they ensure that the leaves are free from pests and bugs by hand picking them off the plants… The leaves are harvested around August/September time and hung up to dry in the arid desert sunshine.  Once dried, the crop is finely ground in a timely manner to preserve the delicate flavour of the tobacco, whilst also maintaining the strength, freshness and green colouration of the natural plant.

The resultant blends are typically classified into light, medium or hot Dokha varieties.

If you like your regular smoking experience to be a mild but rewarding one, then we can recommend the following blends:  – Enjoy Dokha Shahi, Enjoy Dokha Blue, Yousef Rida Cold or Ferrari Dokha..

On the other hand, if you prefer a stronger ‘buzz’ or headrush from your Dokha, then here are a few blends that we think you should check out: – Enjoy Dokha Gold, Yousef Rida Blue or Gold 50 Scorpion Gold and not forgetting Fadayee’s Gold range or Max Time Gold 50.  Enjoy Dokha have several wonderful medium Dokha blends like Mister or NDD.  There are old favourites like G55, Ameeri or Saffron to choose from – the list is extensive so there is sure to be a blend that ticks a box…

Some like it hot – Enjoy Dokha Red comes to mind, or if you like to take risks with the heat of your Dokha tobacco then you could try VOD – but please be aware that VOD has been described as ‘smoking the Sun’ …

So the up-shot of this Blog post is that buying your favourite Dokha tobacco blends during Covid-19 quarantine on the Enjoy Dokha platform is a cinch – just go buy and enjoy!


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