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Dokha Website Merge

August 20, 2020

Dokha website merge is coming to our customers very soon…..

Enjoy Dokha UK and Enjoy Dokha USA websites are merging into ONE more manageable website, hopefully this side of the New Year.  We are busy working on bringing these sites together so that there is less confusion for our customers, both here in the UK and our valued customers across the USA. This change will allow Enjoy Dokha Ltd., to accurately ensure stock levels at all times – sending us alerts as to low levels of stock of any given item.  This new service will ensure that we don’t let any of our customers down with their choice of Dokha in the future.

Enjoy Dokha Ltd., was set up in 2012 and since then we have increased our presence across the UK, working with a network of traditional specialist tobacco shops.  At first, these small, usually family owned, traditional tobacco shops were very skeptical about what Dokha or Medwakh pipes were.  We offered ‘Starter’ packs to the shops which included Dokha, Medwakh pipes and Filters. Needless to say, once they decided to run with us, they were very surprised how quickly these products took off and they have remained valued customers of Enjoy Dokha ever since!

What is Dokha

Dokha is a pure, additive free, Arabic tobacco which is smoked through a Medwakh (sometimes spelt Midwakh) pipe.  The Dokha tobacco growers tend to be small independent farmers who pass their skills down from generation to generation, and they do not use any chemicals or pesticides on their crops. The leaves are harvested around August time and hung up to dry in the arid desert sunshine.  Once dried, the crop is finely ground in a timely manner to preserve the delicate flavour of the tobacco, whilst also maintaining the strength, freshness and green colouration of the natural plant.  The resultant blends are typically classified into light, medium or hot Dokha varieties.

For those who have ventured to sample Enjoy Dokha blends they are intrigued by the quality and unique flavour versus cigarettes, cigars or other pipe tobacco…. and there are no butts!

Dokha tobacco has been compared to drinking an Espresso as opposed to a Cappuccino due to its concentrated nature.  One bottle holds approximately 100 smokes of your Medwakh pipe.

What is a Medwakh Pipe

A Medwakh (sometimes spelt Midwakh) is a small smoking pipe of Arabian origin.  The style of a Medwakh is very distinctive in that it has a very small bowl to hold the Dokha tobacco, unlike traditional Western smoking pipes which have large bowls.  You only need a small ‘pinch’ of Dokha in the bowl to enjoy a unique smoking experience.  Most Medwakh pipes are about 6 inches long, however Enjoy Dokha sell a beautifully crafted 12 inch model.  Back in the 1400s, traditional Medwakhs were individually hand carved from animal bones and wood.  Nowadays, these pipes are made from wood, various resins or metals including gold and silver – sometimes incorporating precious stones!

Enjoy Dokha offer Next Day delivery to most destinations in the UK, however some parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland take a little longer.  We offer Next Day to our customers across the USA – again, some remote destinations take a little longer …




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