Enjoy Dokha

Dokha Successful Website Merge

January 27, 2021

Although it has taken longer than expected, the successful ‘Enjoy Dokha‘ website merge has now gone live and is proving more beneficial to our customers.  There may be a few navigational ‘glitches‘ here and there, but overall we are happy with the progress.

We would be very grateful to our customers who experience any issues while ordering on our website, if they could let us know what the issue is – that way we can get our IT support team on to it straight away, or telephone us directly to try to sort it even quicker.

We merged the two Dokha sites to ensure that the inventory levels were correct – of old, a product could go out of stock in the UK but still show as being available on our USA site and vice versa so it helps obviate this from happening by bringing every product together onto one platform .

Also, there are some products available in the UK such as lighters and Medwakh Pipe Cleaning Spray which can’t be sold across the USA and beyond simply because there are airline restrictions in place that won’t allow these items to be put on a plane – quite understandable in these troubled times….

The Enjoy Dokha Successful Website Merge also helps those customers who travel to various destinations across the globe, as the shipping costs have been adapted for whichever country you are in at the time you place your order.

Enjoy Dokha are proud to be a purveyor of fine Dokha blends and Medwakh pipes you would be happy to own.  We have lots of Dokha blends and some fantastic Medwakh pipes to choose from.  Enjoy Dokha import everything from our trusted partners across the Middle East, including Yousef Redha (sometimes spelt Yousif Rida), Scorpion, Rabsha, Bin Khumery and Max Time Dokha – we cater for all tastes and affordability.


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