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Bin Khumery Dokha

Bin Khumery started back in 1987 when Ibrahim Ghanbari, a farm owner, wanted to bring the highest quality Dokha to market.  At that time the business started from a small shop in Abu-Dhabi with just a few Dokha blends and some basic Medwakh pipes.

Welcome to our selection of Trex Dokha developed by Bin Khumery in Dubai.

Enjoy Dokha have selected the Trex series of Dokha blends to bring yet another, well respected, Dokha brand for our customers to enjoy and to add to our extensive range of Dokha tobaccos available to buy online.

One of their blends,Trex X0 Dokha, for example, is a finely shredded tobacco that is cold to medium on the throat. This is the kind of medium blend that you would expect to find in your local shop in the UAE. It’s simple, but smokes well and gives you a satisfying buzz. 



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