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An alternative to cigarettes this Christmas

December 2, 2019

If you’re a seasoned cigarette smoker, there is an alternative to cigarettes this Christmas.

Most Western tobaccos which are used in the manufacture of cigarettes are laced with chemicals, however, Dokha is a pure, natural and original tender leaf Arabic tobacco, which has nothing added and nothing taken away.  Unlike cigarettes, the tobacco used in the manufacture of Dokha is not fire cured and cut, but dried in the arid desert region from which it comes.

Typically Dokha is grown on plateau fields in the mountainous regions of the UAE. There are complex irrigation systems deployed to irrigate the tobacco plants which are controlled manually.  Without these irrigation systems the plants would die as the region is extremely hot and essentially arid desert.

The plants are tended by local farmers, with good knowledge of the care and attention that these delicate, high yielding tobacco plants require.  On a daily basis, the farmers remove any weeds and pests that appear and generally keep the plants in tip top condition, without the use of pesticides or herbicides.  The air is very clean as the plants are grown at high altitude – with cool nights and lots of sunshine during the day, the plants grow very quickly.  Because of the special environment that tender leaf Arabic tobacco plants are grown in, the local farms can have many yields per season…

After harvesting, the leaves of the tobacco plant are hung up to dry on wooden battens or fine lines (cat gut/fishing lines) in wooden structures like barns. Once dried the tobacco leaves are finely ground in a timely manner to preserve the delicate flavours of the natural tobacco leaves, whilst also maintaining the strength, freshness and green colouration of the natural plant.  The resultant blends are typically classified into light, medium or hot Dokha varieties.

Dokha is smoked through a Medwakh – sometimes spelt ‘Midwakh’Medwakh pipes characteristically have a small bowl – Medwakh pipes can virtually be made from any resilient material, however, those sold online by Enjoy Dokha are handmade of wood, metal or resin and sometimes a mixture of all three… check out our selection under Medwakh Pipes.  Enjoy Dokha always supply one filter with every pipe, but of course you can buy additional filters, which helps to stop bits of tobacco from reaching your mouth and we recommend that you change your filter after 10 to 15 smokes.

The small bowl is just enough for a pinch or two of tender leaf tobacco at a time. If you are smoking Dokha for the first time then we recommend that you start with a light blend such as Enjoy Dokha Blue and do not inhale down to your boots as you will feel dizzy – that’s not the experience we want our customers to have when starting to smoke Dokha!

As with any tobacco product, your exposure to, and tolerance for, nicotine will affect how intensely you feel the Dokha buzz and how long it will last for. If you’re completely new to tobacco and are starting with Dokha, well done, because there’s no better tobacco option out there – get ready to get buzzed!

Whichever strength of Dokha you choose to smoke, the one great difference between smoking western tobaccos and Arabic tobacco (Dokha), there is no unpleasant smell left, both in the atmosphere or on your clothing, and for this reason is usually not offensive to non-smokers!

Dokha – an alternative to cigarettes this Christmas

Enjoy Dokha are happy to recommend some blends which our customers tell us have a great ‘buzz’, but please be aware that everyone’s interpretation can be different.  Whichever blend you choose from Enjoy Dokha you will know that we only source the highest quality Dokha direct from the UAE’s best providers, and also directly from farm sources where we can see with our own eyes the quality of the leaves/plants and the conditions under which the Dokha is grown and harvested, first hand.

ED Gold (Enjoy Dokha Medium)
Enjoy Dokha Mister
Enjoy Dokha Maya
Yousef Redha Blue 50
Yousef Redha Gold 50
Scorpion Gold
Max Time Gold 50
Fadayee Premium 2 & 3
Special 60
Special 50

All of the above have a great ‘BUZZ’ so we feel you won’t be disappointed, but if you could let us know which is your favourite that would be great….. and helps other customers decide which Dokha they might like to try….!

ED Red (Enjoy Dokha Hot)
Enjoy Dokha Achilles
Enjoy Dokha Bushab
Enjoy Dokha Ayub
Scorpion Red
Max Time Red

The blends above come in varying degrees of ‘hot’ – ED Red (Enjoy Dokha Hot) and Achilles are very similar and HOT!  Bushab and Ayub have been described as ‘over warm’.  Great ‘BUZZ’ ….

Enjoy Dokha VOD

The above two blends are extremely ‘hot’ and have been described as ‘smoking the sun‘!  So if you don’t like a harsh sensation on the back of your throat then we would advise you to stick with the Medium and graduate to the hot blends over time….

If you are looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes this Christmas, Enjoy Dokha offer fast shipping options on orders placed BEFORE 3pm Monday – Thursday (GMT).  If you order on Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday your order will be processed on the next working day Monday and dispatched the same day with delivery dependant on the shipping option you have chosen – check out your options here.  Festive Seasons, National Holidays or Bank Holidays may differ….


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