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Top 5 Light Dokha Tobaccos

December 3, 2019

Before we discuss the top 5 light Dokha tobaccos we will take a little time to give an overview of Dokha (Arabic tobacco)…

Dokha is a natural and pure Arabic tobacco.  Unlike most western tobaccos, Dokha is not fire cured and cut, but dried in the arid desert region of the UAE where it is grown. Once harvested, it’s finely ground in a timely delicate manner to preserve the content of the tobacco – its strength, freshness and pure flavour.

Dokha tobacco is unaltered essentially, and maintains the green colouration of the natural plant.  Blends are typically classified into Light (cold), Medium (warm) or Hot Dokha.

Light Dokha is recommended for beginners, as well as anyone who wants a flavourful but light and pleasant smoking experience. Light Dokha provides a luxuriously smooth smoke, is easy to inhale and exhale, and provides a pleasing light buzz on the exhale which will dissipate after a few seconds.

Due to Legal Regulation locally, we are now required to brand our Enjoy Dokha Light blend as Enjoy Dokha BLUE (ED Blue). Light is sometimes expressed as ‘Cold’ or ‘Blue‘, however, they are virtually the same.   We have other blends in this category produced by Enjoy Dokha, Bin Khumery, Scorpion, Yousef Rida, Fadayee, and Max Time.  Whichever blend you choose you will be sure to experience that relaxing feeling and pleasant tobacco flavour.

5 Light Dokha Picks

The specialists at Enjoy Dokha have sourced the best quality Light (cold) tobacco to deliver the highest satisfaction levels to our customers.

Enjoy Dokha Blue (ED Blue) – One of our ‘flagship’ blends – hand picked top leaves of the tobacco plant to ensure a smooth light smoke which is not harsh on the back of the throat.

Enjoy Dokha Light Cold – This is a Yousif Redha blend bottled in the UK by Enjoy Dokha. Smooth and cold smoke that leaves the user always satisfied.

Enjoy Dokha Shahi – The Shahi Dokha is famously finely chopped and when smoked offers a very smooth and cold buzz every time.  It’s smooth on the throat, and gives a very satisfying buzz!  The buzz is great, and what you would expect from a high quality Light (cold) Dokha.

Bin Khumery Trex X1 – a light shredded tobacco which gives a cold feeling in your throat when smoked.  This is a light/cold blend that you would expect to find in your local shop in the UAE, simple, but smokes well and gives you a satisfying ‘buzz’.

Yousif Redha White Dokha – Yousif Redha (sometimes spelt Yousef Rida) mixes leaves from the top of the tobacco plant to create this light tasting blend.

Max Time Blue Dokha – Max Time is a famous underground name in the heart of the UAE. Max Time are not the biggest tobacconist there, however, they strive for quality rather than mass producing inferior products – something that has not gone unnoticed in the Dokha world.  Enjoy Dokha picked the Blue light Dokha from Max Time’s range of Dokha tobacco blends because our customers asked for it!

Why you should consider smoking Dokha rather than Cigarettes

One bowl of Dokha is the equivalent of about six cigarettes so you have to take it slow, however there are reasons why you should consider smoking Dokha rather than cigarettes….

  • Dokha has a unique ‘buzz’ which smokers find satisfying and relaxing.
  • You smoke less when smoking Dokha simply because you only need a small pinch of Dokha tobacco as opposed to a whole cigarette.
  • The smoke produced from Dokha does not leave any unpleasant odour on your clothes, which makes it easier to smoke anywhere the law allows!
  • Dokha is highly economical when compared to cigarettes and other tobacco-related substances.  One 50ml (14g) bottle holds about 150 smokes in a standard Medwakh pipe.
  • Dokha does not contain any additives and is a more pure smoking experience, compared to smoking cigarettes which are loaded with nasty chemicals…



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