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What is the sensation of Dokha?

January 8, 2020

If you have just got here and you don’t know much about the Dokha sensation, let me just quickly fill you in.

Dokha Tobacco is an unflavoured tobacco that originates from the United Arab Emirates.  The plants grow at altitude which changes the make up of the tobacco leaf.  Slightly higher in nicotine, the Dokha tobacco is smoked in small amounts through a wooden pipe called a Medwakh (sometimes spelled Midwakh).  The end result is a fulfilling ‘buzz’ sensation the moment you exhale. If you translate the word Dokha into English it roughly translates as ‘dizzy’ which is often described as the sensation that people feel when they try smoking Dokha for the first time.

The sensation of Dokha is invigorating and relaxing, all at the same time.  Even though Dokha can trace its roots back more than 500 years, people around the world are still enjoying the Dokha sensation today….

If you are a beginner and new to Dokha, then our best advice would be to try a light blend first. Light blends are often colour coded in Blue.  If you are used to these lighter blends, then you could explore different tastes with other medium Dokha Blends such as Enjoy Dokha Sultan. The Dokha Sensation tends to be stronger in medium blends, then that of a light cold Dokha.  Medium blends are often colour coded in Gold.

If, on the other hand, you are a seasoned Dokha smoker, you may be looking for something a little stronger than a medium blend – something a little harsher on the inhale and exhale so you can really feel it every draw.  If this is you, then Enjoy Dokha would recommend a hotter blend.  Hotter blends are often colour coded in Red, but we would only recommend these blends for the seasoned smoker. Hot blends generally tend to be harsher on the inhale while still offering an intense feeling on exhale.  The sensation Dokha leaves you with normally only lasts seconds and the ‘buzz’ you can expect to experience will feel bigger or smaller depending on your tolerance.

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