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How to make Medwakh Pipe last longer

January 7, 2020

Depending on how much you use your Medwakh Pipe, you may need to clean it more regularly than you might expect!

A Medwakh pipe is a pipe specifically used to smoke Dokha, the original Arabic tobacco.  The word ‘Dokha’ translates into English as ‘dizzy’ and for hundreds of years it was enjoyed by Shepherds and Sailors throughout the Middle East.  It is thanks to the people of the Middle East travelling further west that Dokha has become more popular across the world due to its authentic flavour and the ‘buzz’ it brings to every smoking experience. The Medwakh pipe is designed to cater for the more concentrated Dokha tobacco, and features a smaller bowl to the kind of pipe westerners are used to smoking tobacco in.

It’s easy to keep your Medwakh (Midwakh) pipe in tip top condition by just following these basic rules.

Cleaning your Medwakh (Midwakh) pipe regularly ensures you have the very best smoking experience – no stale tobacco taste on the inhale and no excess tar getting through to your mouth.

Enjoy Dokha recommend using the fabric pipe cleaners or bristle pipe cleaners and you can get full instructions on how to use them here.

Some of our Medwakh pipes are made of resin and animal bone such as Ox Horn or Deer Horn and these should be considered to be ‘fragile‘ pipes.  By that we mean that you should never bang or tap the pipe to get the old tobacco out, as this can cause cracks along the stem and potentially render your Medwakh useless.   Use a fabric pipe cleaner or bristle pipe cleaner instead, as per the instructions under Guides ‘How to Clean your Medwakh Pipe’.  Wooden pipes are strong enough to allow you to tap out the old tobacco and we also sell metal Medwakh pipes which will withstand any amount of tapping or banging as they will last a lifetime!

Our customers tell us that the Falcon or Fadayee Cleaning Spray is a very easy way to clean your pipe.  Simply get all the old tobacco out by either using a metal pipe cleaner/fabric pipe cleaner and then spray with Falcon or Fadayee Cleaning Spray to get a really great result and a fresh smoking experience very time.

Always use one of Enjoy Dokha’s filters to help remove any impurities or tobacco particles.  One of our most popular filters is the Bio Pipe Filter and these should be used no more than 10 – 15 times before replacing with a fresh one.  Most filters have a cotton insert or silicon and cotton which traps the tar before reaching your mouth/lungs so even if you are smoking a cigarette from time to time you should consider using a filter on the end for this reason.

Most customers have more than one Medwakh Pipe, ensuring that at least one of them is clean at any one time – a bit like collecting shoes, you wouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes for months on end without cleaning and airing them!

Enjoy Dokha offer speedy shipping options so don’t delay, buy today and enjoy your Dokha smoking experience with your new extended ‘Dokha Family‘!


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