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Top Dokha Blends for Every Aficionado

November 13, 2023

Top Dokha blends for every aficionado: Finding your perfect match

Top Dokha blends for every aficionado starts and finishes with a discussion around which Dokha blend may be your preference, however before we delve into the various blends available, we would advise you to scroll through what’s on offer on our website to see if any of our suggestions are a perfect match for your particular requirements.

As a purveyor of top quality Arabic tobacco colloquially known as Dokha,  Enjoy Dokha brings together the very best Dokha blends, Medwakh pipes and accessories for Dokha enthusiasts around the world.

All of Enjoy Dokha’s Arabic tobacco blends are sewn, grown and harvested in the mountainous regions of the UAE, benefitting from the cool air of the evenings and the abundant sunshine during the day.  The temperate climate allows small holding farmers to achieve more than one yield per year.

Arabic tobacco growers and suppliers in the region are dedicated to delivering the unforgettable smoking experience that Enjoy Dokha strive to provide through their carefully selected and distinctive blends.

Apart from Enjoy Dokha, there are a number of regional players that have broadened the use of Dokha, especially in America over the years, so here is a synopsis of some of the key players in the area and why we have chosen to partner with them.

One noteworthy thing to remember: all Dokha is classified into Light, Medium and Hot blends, however some Governments have decided that suppliers should use the term ‘Blue’, ‘Gold’, ‘Red’.

Top Dokha blends has to include the Bin Khumery brand

Every Dokha aficionado will tell you that the most important consideration when making their choice of blend is their expectation of a potent buzz, taking them on an exhilarating sensory journey.

The Bin Khumery T-Rex range of Dokha includes a select range of five unique blends, ranging from smooth and light to hot and throaty, ensuring a perfect match for every discerning Dokha enthusiast. The T-Rex range of fine Dokha includes X0, X1, X2, X3 and XT. We can’t suggest any particular one of these five excellent blends as they are equally popular amongst our customers.

Some 10 years ago, our specialist ‘pickers’ travelled to see how Bin Khumery operated and were blown away by their detailing, ensuring every aspect of their operation was keeping pace with the competition.  They have kept up the momentum and have increased their market share in line with expectations, so it’s easy to see why we have chosen to partner with Bin Khumery and take on their T-Rex range.

Abu Mohammed amongst the best

Abu Mohammed SP50 and SP60 – takes superior leaves from the top of the tobacco plant to ensure  excellent tasting medium warm and over warm blends respectively.

Fadayee is another brand under the Abu Mohammed umbrella

Fadayee have a number of great blends within this brand such as Fadayee Premium, Gold, Black, Pink, Blue and White. You can see more information on all of these blends here.

The Yousef Rida (Redha) brand and their top Dokha blends

Since Enjoy Dokha is known for being a purveyor of excellent Dokha blends from various suppliers and local farms across the Middle East, one name that stands out from the crowd and is very recognisable to anyone who has ever visited a smoke shop in Dubai is Yousef Redha (Rida). Yousef Rida has an exemplary reputation amongst Dokha smokers worldwide that they have to protect, so any discerning enthusiast of the ‘buzzy’ Dokha should have at least one of their famous blends in their pouch from time to time.

Enjoy Dokha chose their Blue 50, Gold 50, Silver 50, Green 50 and Black Half Half  to bring to the market in the UK as these were the blends our customers asked for.  The Blue 50, Gold 50 and Silver 50 are amongst our best sellers now and we are constantly having to re-stock due to their popularity.  Of course our market doesn’t just include the UK, as these blends are equally popular in Europe and the USA.  Over the years, our reach has extended to more and more markets around the world.

Dokha flavour to savour – Scorpion without the sting

Scorpion Dokha, together with Enjoy Dokha, became involved in the Laboratory testing of their products in England back in 2012 approx.  Having their products rigorously tested in the UK gave us confidence that only top quality Dokha, produced by Scorpion, would be supplied to Enjoy Dokha for the UK market.

The Quality Control team within Scorpion ensure that the planting, growing and harvesting of the tender leaf Arabic tobacco remains consistent in terms of freshness, strength and colour – from seed to shelf – every time.

It took quite a long time to establish the Scorpion brand within the UK – somehow the name ‘Scorpion‘ didn’t resonate with people, but with the passing of time…. those same people can’t get enough of Scorpion Dokha tobacco and we now sell it worldwide.

Scorpion Blue is dedicated to beginners, whereas Scorpion Gold and Scorpion Hot are normally smoked by regular Dokha smokers.  Just because a blend is labelled Hot doesn’t mean that it has a more intense ‘buzz’.  It simply means that you can expect it to be a little harsher on the back of your throat.

Rabsha Top Dokha Blends

This is a small niche producer in Dubai but Dokha aficionados keep this one secret because they think that they were the first to find it!

Enjoy Dokha has brought two of their products to our platform – Rabsha Gold and Rabsha Red.

Rabsha Gold is a strong Medium blend and well balanced flavour.  This Dokha is gentle on the inhale and gives a satisfying buzz, especially if it’s the first smoke of the day – enjoy!

Rabsha Red is a much stronger blend, so not suitable for beginners.

MaxTime Dokha

Another small producer, but MaxTime is up there with the best of them.

Enjoy Dokha carry four of their Top blends:

MaxTime Blue: Light and recommended for beginners

MaxTime Gold 50: Superb Medium blend that leaves the smoker mellow and relaxed

MaxTime Yellow: Also a good Medium blend, so you have two choices of Medium from this niche producer instead of one.

MaxTime Red: Strong on the inhale and packs a punch – not recommended for beginners – more suitable for the seasoned smoker.

Enjoy Dokha House Blends

Enjoy Dokha is synonymous with good quality products, from fine Arabic tobacco, Medwakh Pipes, filters and cleaning essentials.

We source our Dokha from the very best local growers in the mountainous regions of UAE and Oman.  The fields where our tender leaf tobacco plants are tended, channels are dug for water to run through, which are strictly regulated by the farmer to ensure the plants receive the nutrients they need to thrive and the plants also benefit from the cool of the evening and lots of daytime sunshine.

We have TWO ranges to choose from and within each range there are a number of great blends that rival any of the other producers, mentioned above.

Our best selling Premium Blends: Medium and over warm blends

Mister, Maya, G65, Sultan, Felisa

Our best selling ‘Standard’ House blends: All very good Medium blends

G55, Ameeri, Farsan, Mehriz, Bushab – over warm

If you’re looking for something much stronger then choose Achilles or ED Red.  Haar is another strong Dokha but we would only recommend these blends for the seasoned Dokha smoker.  If you’re looking for a Dokha that ‘blows your socks off‘ then choose VOD – customers tell us it’s like smoking the Sun!

In between all of the above, we have lots of other blends to choose from, as smoking Dokha is a very personal hobby so it’s difficult to say which one is most suited to any one individual.


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