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Money Saving Dokha Products

September 21, 2023

Money Saving Dokha Products

Money saving Dokha products has to include everything that you need to have a great smoking experience but the price.

Enjoy Dokha have embraced the challenge of trying to keep the cost of their products at an acceptable level, sometimes taking a hit themselves just to help their customers.  Tobacco producers and suppliers are seriously struggling with the rising taxes being enforced across the globe, the tax burden is usually much higher than the value of the goods – just because it’s tobacco related, up go the taxes.

Why Money Saving Dokha Products are value for money

Multi-Buy products are a great way to bring costs down – simple equation really, with more bang for your buck and less packaging and postage.  We have three ‘Filter’ Muti-Buy options available. The use of a filter on the end of a Medwakh pipe helps prevent tar and tobacco particles from reaching your mouth.  Neither does using a filter on the end of your Medwakh pipe dilute the taste or flavour of your chosen Dokha blend in any way.

Turpuff – Black/Brown in packs of 5

Bio Pipe – White filters in packs of 5

Fadayee – White Double filters in packs of 5

Multi-Buy Cleaning Tools

Although you can purchase each of the items contained in the ‘Essentials Pipe Cleaning Kit’ separately, this pack contains everything you will ever need to keep your Medwakh in tip top condition for a great smoking experience.

2 x Bristle pipe cleaners which can be washed in hot soapy water for re-use (ensure completely dry before re-use)

3 in 1 metal pipe cleaner – This little ‘gem’ is strong so it will last a long time.  The 3 in 1 Metal Medwakh Pipe Cleaner is a no nonsense, no frills, yet very functional bit of kit.  No more and no less. It’s something every Medwakh pipe user needs in their pouch as they’ll be using it all the time!

25 Fabric Medwakh Pipe Cleaners – easy to handle and bendable to get rid of any unwanted particles of stale tobacco flakes.

Essentials Range of Dokha

The samples included in the Essentials Range of Dokha are made up of our UK bottled blends – we don’t have Yousef Rida Blue 50/Gold 50 as a sample, for example.

With our Essentials Range of Dokha you can bag yourself a trial pack of 3 sample bags, a pack of filters and a lighter – if you are ordering from abroad (outside the UK) then we will substitute the lighter with a Bristle pipe cleaner – lighters are prohibited by airlines!

Enjoy Dokha Blue (Light) – any Light Dokha sample – you can make the choice yourself or leave it to the experts at Enjoy Dokha to make the choice for you.

Enjoy Dokha Gold (Medium) – we have an extensive selection of Medium Dokha samples to choose from.

Enjoy Dokha Red (Hot) – not for the faint hearted as these products are intended for the serious Dokha smoker and definitely not for beginners!

Enjoy Dokha 250ml Dokha supplied in 5 x 50ml (14g) bottles – a big saving as one bottle costs on average £25.50 and 250ml (70g) costs £110.50 whereas it should cost £127.50 which is an average saving of £17 – now that’s surely worth a punt!

Mix & Match 25ml (9g) Dokha comprises a choice of five different blends or five of the same blend – the choice is yours. £70 for 5 x 25ml bottes as opposed to £16.50 for each bottle of 25ml Dokha (based on 25ml Premium Dokha) which equates to a saving of £12.50 – definitely not to be sniffed at!

Starter Kits – our Starter Kits are a great way of ensuring you have everything you require to have a great Dokha smoke on the go.  Each Starter Kit includes not only Dokha, but all of the other tools you will require – filter, fabric pipe cleaners and Medwakh pipe.


You can see that we are taking the cost of living crisis seriously and trying to come up with innovative ideas to help get the most out of the products we sell online.


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