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Smoking Dokha Saves Money

August 11, 2022

Smoking Dokha Saves Money

The cost of living has massively increased in the past 12 month and is set to continue to rise.  We have all seen our energy costs rising, as well as general foodstuff costs which is making people think again about their leisure activities and potentially what they can cut out of their lifestyle choices to help pay for these additional costs.

We in the tobacco industry are ever mindful of the continued rise in the cost of tobacco related products.  Higher taxes have crept in over the years and are sure to rise even further in the future.  The larger tobacco producers such as Imperial Tobacco or British American Tobacco have been at the forefront of research and development into alternative products to cigarettes to keep pace with ever changing regulation around smoking in general.

How can Smoking Dokha Save Money?

The Enjoy Dokha team have been looking at ways to ensure that any customer who may be feeling the pinch right now can be supported by us to help them to continue enjoying their favourite pastime by creating multi-buy options on our website.

Dokha blends are typically defined as light (Blue), medium (Gold) or hot (Red).  Although you can purchase a very small bottle of Dokha containing just 9grams, the most cost effective way to purchase Dokha is to multi-buy.

Here are a few options for this category:

125ml / 45grams (5 x 25ml / 9gram bottles) Mix & Match Dokha

***House blends only – but includes our Premium house blends***
The 125ml / 45gram Mix & Match Dokha is made up of 5 small 9gram bottles so you can have five opportunities to try different and exciting blends –  or have all five bottles the same blend!

We are even including Premium Maya, Mister, G65, Special 50,  Felisa and Sultan in this offering.

250ml / 70grams (5 x 50ml / 14gram bottles) Mix & Match Dokha

***House blends only from our standard range***

If you want to save even more money, you can choose the larger 250ml (5 x 50ml / 14gram) bottles.
By purchasing 250ml (5 x 50ml bottles) of Dokha saves money on postage too as you won’t need to order quite so often!

**The brand blends below are NOT included in any of the above combinations**

  • Fadayee (Abu Mohammed) Premium 1, 2 & 3 / Gold 1, 2 & 3 / Black 1, 2 & 3 / Pink 1 & 3  and Blue 2
  • Yousef Redha (Rida) Blue 50 / Gold 50 / Silver 50 / Green 50 / Black Half Half / White
  • MaxTime Gold 50, Yellow, Red and Blue
  • Bin Khumery Trex XO, Trex X1, Trex X2, Trex X3 or Trex XT
  • Rabsha Gold and Red
  • Scorpion, Blue, Gold and Red Dokha

We call the Mix & Match option Mix & Match because if you think about it you can crate your own blends – just as the farmers in the mountainous regions of the UAE do to produce their blends.

As all Dokha can be classified as light (Blue), medium (Gold) or hot (Red) – whether the blend is from our Standard range or our Premium range, they can be mixed together to create another blend.  For example, if you were to use more (Blue) and just a little (Red) and blend them together you would get an overwarm medium blend.  When you choose from the Mix & Match Standard or Premium range you can do the same.  If you choose YR Cold, for example, which is the equivalent to Enjoy Dokha Blue, you could add G55 (medium) or Saffra (medium)  and create a light medium blend etc.

Enjoy Dokha Blue

250ml ED Blue Dokha (5 x 50ml / 70g), direct from the local farms, is a cool light Dokha blend and when smoked, consistently offers a very smooth cool buzz.  Our customers smoke Dokha for a true smoking experience so the ED Blue Dokha will not disappoint you. The ED Blue Dokha is a Light cool Dokha blend, smooth on the inhale, with a tasty  buzz.

Enjoy Dokha Gold

250ml ED Gold Dokha blend (5 x 50ml / 70g) offers the user a rewarding head rush while enjoying an exceptionally smooth smoke – our customers, who take the smoking of Dokha very seriously, tell us that the ED Gold never disappoints!

Enjoy Dokha Red

250ml ED Red Dokha blend (5 x 50ml / 70g) has been developed for those customers who are not afraid of extremes – very strong flavour and powerful hit – not for the feint hearted.

This blend comes direct from the local farms in the UAE. The ED Red Dokha blend consistently offers a very strong smoking experience.  Some of our customers, who take the smoking of Dokha very seriously, tell us that the ED Red never disappoints! This blend is very strong blend, with a tasty  buzz.

To create a different flavour from the above mentioned Dokha blends of Blue, Gold or Red you could choose more Gold than Blue or Red in your choice of 5 bottles and create an overwarm medium. You could choose more Red and just one bottle of Gold and mix them together to create a milder hot than perhaps the Red (hot) would be on its own….

Whichever Dokha Mix & Match you choose, smoking Dokha saves Money when you realise that you can get 100+ smokes from just one bottle!


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