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Rabsha Red Dokha tobacco

Rabsha Red Dokha tobacco is as authentic as it gets and comes from Al Satwa, Jumeirah. Whilst not the largest brand in the UAE, they have a reputation for quality with a kick ass ‘buzz’ – you asked for it and we listened….

The leaves used in the production of Rabsha Red Dokha are shredded so the tobacco burns evenly and pulls a full hit through your Medwakh pipe. This ‘Hot’ Dokha blend will reward you with a hotter inhale – hold it for a couple of seconds, and after slowly breathing out enjoy the strong buzz that follows…

Why buy Rabsha Red Dokha

  • Red hot poker Dokha
  • 50ml / 13g bottle – easy to handle
  • recommended for the seasoned Dokha smoker
  • 100 smokes plus per bottle

If you are a serious Dokha smoker you will appreciate the efforts that Enjoy Dokha have gone to in procuring the widest range of different hot Dokha blends to keep all of our hot Dokha smokers happy!  Rabsha Red Dokha is only recommended for the ‘serious‘ smoker as it may be too harsh on the throat for those customers who are looking for, or are already smoking, a more medium Dokha blend.

If this blend is a little too hot for your liking then you can always try Bushab Medium warm Dokha or Rabsha Gold which falls into the Medium Dokha category. There are lots of other medium blends you can try from our vast range. You could also try our ‘5 sample bags’ option of standard medium blends, such as Ameeri, Saffra, G55, Maya, or Enjoy Dokha Gold to get you on the right track….

Unfortunately we cannot supply samples of Rabsha Red or Rabsha Gold as these products come already pre-packaged.. If you would like to try samples of other hot blends such as ED Red, Achilles, Ayub or Haar then we can supply samples of these blends.

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