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Pinocchio Footlong Medwakh?

December 14, 2022

Pinocchio Footlong Medwakh?

It would be a great big lie if we said that the Footlong Medwakh was as long as Pinocchio’s nose – it’s much, much longer!

The ‘Footlong Medwakh for Dokha‘ is beautifully crafted from one single piece of wood – extraordinarily sleek and elegant

Previous versions of this pipe were made from two pieces welded together which ultimately put great pressure on the shaft of the pipe and made it easier to break in two at this point. Because of the high quality of the new design and the wood used in the manufacture of this beautifully sleek Medwakh this cannot happen now.  You are paying a little extra for this high quality, with new technical skills being employed in its manufacture it will last much longer than the original design….

Medwakh pipes date back to the 14th centaury when they were carved from animal bone and wood by Shepherds tending their flocks in the mountainous regions of Iran.  Sailors soon took up the tradition and thus the simple Medwakh, sometimes spelt Midwakh became a phenomenon which spread quickly from the Middle East to the rest of the world.  Medwakh pipes are quintessentially a little bizarre to some people, however for someone in the know – especially those who smoke Dokha Arabic tobacco, the Medwakh pipe is an essential piece of kit to enjoy their favourite pastime.  The Footlong 201 is very much a statement piece for those individuals who are gregarious enough to be seen in public smoking Dokha using it!

Of course we have an array of Medwakh pipes our customers can choose from but at this time of the year (festival time), that’s the time when most people let their hair down and drop their inhibitions so can be a little more eccentric and be seen in public smoking with this wonderful piece of craftsmanship.

So go on – we dare you – send us a picture of yourself smoking Dokha with the Footlong Medwakh during your festivities and the picture (if its good) will be used for our promotional material, including Instagram for your 15 seconds of fame!


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