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Turpuff Medwakh Pipe Filters

December 2, 2022

Turpuff Medwakh Pipe Filters

A filter on the end of your Medwakh is an essential piece of kit, so it makes sense to purchase a larger quantity at once ensuring you never run out of them on the go. By purchasing a larger quantity you are saving money, both in terms of the filters themselves, but also postage, as you don’t have to order them so frequently.

The use of a Turpuff filter on the end of your Medwakh pipe helps prevent tar and tobacco particles from reaching your mouth.  Also, using a Turpuff filter on the end of your Medwakh does not dilute the taste or flavour of your chosen Dokha blend in any way.

How often should I change the Turpuff pipe filter?

You should simply change your Turpuff filter after 10 to 15 smokes to ensure you continue to enjoy a fresh tobacco smoke every time.  If the cotton in the filter turns brown, we recommend you change your filter.  These filters are made with an outer casing of recyclable plastic and a small inner cotton sponge to help extract any tar from your smoke.

Turpuff Medwakh pipe filters fit easily on the end of your favourite Medwakh pipe and come in two colours – black or brown. You can purchase these filters as individual packs at a cost of £3.30, or you can purchase a pack of 5 at a cost of £13.99, which is a more economical way to purchase filters as you will be using them all the time.

Turpuff Medwakh pipe filters have double filtering action to help reduce bits of tobacco from getting through to your mouth, so you can continue to enjoy your favourite Dokha blend.



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