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From Dokha Seed to Pipe

February 2, 2023

From Dokha Seed to Pipe

Enjoy Dokha’s reputation depends upon the quality products that we offer to our customers. From Dokha seed to pipe, the Dokha procured by us from the UAE is of the highest quality available anywhere in the world.

The ‘Dokha Seed to Pipe’ tobacco grown to produce such a high quality product is grown at high altitude, utilizing only fresh water which is channelled through the crops together with glorious sunshine.

Crops are generally grown in tiny subplots called yelba that measure around two to three metres each. This method of cultivation allows the artisan growers to easily spot if there is any potential risk of pests or disease amongst the plants. The seeds are laid in December and the plants are harvested in August when they are dried in the open-sided barn-like structures. Once fully dried the leaves are stripped from the stalks and sorted into ‘top leaves’, ‘middle leaves’ and bottom leaves’ as the different strengths of Dokha depend on where the leaves have been picked from the plant.  Before it is ground in a timely manner and ready for bottling and onward sale across the world, customers can be assured that  nothing is added or taken away from this pure tobacco.  There are no harsh chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides used on the land – only fresh water to irrigate the plants during the heat of the day to stop the plants from wilting.

Growing the delicate tobacco plants at high altitude  brings a unique flavour to the tobacco leaves, as they can rest in the cool of the evening/nights and grow vigorously during the day in the intense sunlight and heat.  Because the growing conditions are so beneficial to the Dokha tobacco plants, the farmers can often get more than one yield per year.  This is especially helpful in lifting the small holding farmers out of poverty.  Most local farmers do grow other crops such as mango, oranges and date palms.  They also have bee hives from which they collect honey.

The pipes which are used in the smoking of Dokha are called Medwakh pipes (sometimes spelt Midwakh).  They can be made from lots of different materials, including animal bone, various woods, aluminium and resins.  Traditionally they have a small bowl and a long stem, usually about 6 inches.  Nowadays most Medwakh pipes support a filter on the end to help filter out small particles of tobacco and tar.

Enjoy Dokha have a plethora of Midwak (Medwakh) pipes to choose from, but most of all we can assure our customers that all of the pipes sold through the Enjoy Dokha website have been sourced and manufactured from reputable suppliers across the Middle East and Europe.


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