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Random Bucket Medwakh Pipe: Bargain Price

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Random Bucket Medwakh Pipe: Bargain Price

Minor imperfections but still great Medwakh pipes

What makes up the Random Bucket Medwakh Pipe: Bargain Price? We have a lot of Medwakh pipes from many different suppliers, but some of them have minor imperfections.  They are still good pipes, but not perfect enough for us to sell at full price.  We are offering a pick and mix. You cannot choose which Medwakh pipe you get, but we are selling it at a hugely discounted rate.

Choose this option to get a Random Bucket Medwakh Pipe at a bargain price, who knows, you may love it!  We will select a Medwakh pipe for you and include it in your order!

We do not accept any returns with this product but we’re sure you will love it for this awesome price!

From time to time we have Random Bucket Dokha on offer too…  The Dokha which is used to make up the 50ml / 14gram Random Bucket Dokha is all high quality Dokha – it’s just that there may not be enough of one particular blend to fill a bottle, so any Dokha left over from our latest shipment, for example, are all mixed together.  Sometimes there is not enough Dokha left of a light blend, so a medium blend will be added to make up the bottle – or it could be another combination where we have some hot left over but not quite enough to fill a bottle so some light may be added – the overall blend would be considered a medium blend…

Our customers tell us that they love the fact that they don’t know exactly what strength blend they are getting, however, what they absolutely do know is that the Dokha used in the make-up of the Random Dokha option is top quality and the strength of flavour and buzz is exactly what they are looking for but at a greatly reduced price….

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