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Enjoy Dokha Gold 500 Dokha

July 29, 2020

Enjoy Dokha Gold 500 Dokha is part of our NEW trio of fab new blends direct from our farm in the mountains surrounding Fujairah, UAE.

Our customers already know that Enjoy Dokha only supply top quality Dokha, however, we have gone the extra mile to ensure that these new blends can’t be surpassed on quality.

As so many people are susceptible to allergens these days, Enjoy Dokha try to mitigate this by ensuring there are no pesticides, herbicides used on the land where our Dokha plants are grown, or heavy metals in the soil which impair the taste of our delicate tobacco plants.

Harvesting the Dokha crop at the right time is essential to maintain the green/brown colouration of the natural plant.  We ensure that the very best irrigation systems are used to support these superior tobacco plants. While walking through our Dokha fields checking the leaves of the tender Arabic tobacco plants, we like to see with our own eyes the quality of the potential end product we are trying to achieve, but also to smell the freshness of the leaves swaying in the breezy sunshine. .

Close your eyes and paint a mental picture of these plants growing in the mountains, cooled by the night time breeze, but growing vigorously during the daytime desert sunshine. When these plants are harvested they are not dry cured and cut (like in the West), but left to dry in the arid desert sun.  All Dokha blends are typically classified as Light (cold) Medium (warm) or Hot.  Enjoy Dokha Gold 500 Dokha would be classified as a Medium (warm) Dokha.

Enjoy Dokha Gold 500 is packaged in a 50ml /14g (approx.) bottle with a safety cap which ensures that your Dokha is always fresh and airtight.   We have redesigned the labels to differentiate this superior Dokha from all of our other great in-house blends…

Once you have chosen Gold 500 Dokha we are sure you won’t want to change to any other blend – what you might have difficulty doing is choosing a great Medwakh pipe to smoke it through – our advice – have a look at the SHARK  TOOTH or DRAGON  FIRE – sleek Medwakhs with lots of design style….

Enjoy Dokha offer speedy shipping solutions too – we mostly use FedEx or DHL when shipping around the world. DPD or Royal Mail come in handy within the UK and Europe.

Whichever option you choose you are sure to receive your Dokha speedily every time you place an order.  On the odd occasion parcels get caught in the Customs of their respective country, however we can usually resolve any issues quickly as we have fostered a great relationship with all of the courier companies that we use. Some delivery options may change for National Holidays or Festival Season around the globe, such as Easter or Christmas.


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