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Max Time Arabic Pipe Tobacco

June 30, 2021

Max Time Arabic Pipe Tobacco was established back in 1981 by a clever small farm owner who wanted to bring quality Dokha to a wider audience…

Nowadays Max Time’s business has grown exponentially to comprise farming, manufacturing, wholesale and export…they put their clients at the heart of everything they do to deliver the best possible smoking experience.  Enjoy Dokha are pleased to say that they are one of our trusted Partners that we work closely with to bring high quality Dokha Arabic pipe tobacco and Medwakh accessories to our customers across the globe.

Max Time’s workforce comprises some 200 employees who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and their business benefits from the breadth of ideas and experience they bring to their business.

Enjoy Dokha have four Max Time Dokha Arabic pipe tobacco blends available on our online platform:

Max Time Blue (Light Cold)

The Max Time Blue is a light cold blend which is ideal for beginners smoking Arabic pipe tobacco for the first time
Bottle size 50ml / 14grams
Smooth on the inhale while giving a cool ‘buzz’

Max Time Yellow (Light Medium)

The Max Time Yellow is a light medium blend which is smooth on the inhale, offering a cool, smooth ‘buzz’
Bottle size 50ml / 14grams

Max Time Gold 50 (Medium)

One of our most popular Max Time blends, smooth on the inhale, with a satisfying ‘buzz’
Bottle size 50ml / 14grams
Ideal for the regular Dokha smoker

Max Time Red (Hot)

If you are not afraid of extremes this Dokha blend packs a good punch, but is not suitable for beginners
Bottle size 50ml / 14grams
Superior hot blend which is strong on the inhale and not for the feint hearted
Seasoned Dokha smokers only – this is a hot Dokha

All of the Max Time Arabic pipe tobacco which Enjoy Dokha list on our platform have been quality checked before offering them to our customers.

We are confident that you will enjoy the Max Time range


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