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Fadayee Pink 1 and Pink 3

June 24, 2021

Fadayee Pink 1 and Pink 3 are proving to be very popular with our customers.

Fadayee Pink 1 and Pink 3 are amongst Fadayee Dokha’s most popular blends.  Abu Mohammed is one of Enjoy Dokha’s strategic Partners and Fadayee Dokha is their flagship brand.

Just because the packaging of these blends appear ‘girly’ as they are ‘PINK’, most of the customers who choose these two blends are male…

Fadayee Pink 1 and Pink 3 are produced from the middle and bottom leaves of the tobacco plant.  This tobacco is finely chopped with a pleasant fruity flavour and qualifies as a high grade Dokha product.  Supplied pre-packaged and sold online by Enjoy Dokha in 13gram bottles.

These two iconic blends are classed as Medium and Medium Warm respectively, with a good buzz.  All of Fadayee Dokha blends are grown, harvested and bottles under the supervision of Abu Mohammed.  The sensational Dokha that is Pink 1 and Pink 3 produced by Abu Mohammed has been hand picked by Enjoy Dokha for our customers’ satisfaction.

Enjoy Dokha have other blends under the umbrella of Abu Mohammed which are equally as good as these two.  For example, we have the Blue 2, Special 50 and Special 60, so here’s just a few words about the three of these blends which might help you decide if you wanted to experience another of Abu Mohammed’s blends..

Blue 2 – is made up of the top and middle leaves of the tobacco plant, not too harsh on the throat and comes in a 13gram air-tight bottle, supplied pre-packaged direct from the UAE.

Special 50 – is classed as an over-warm blend with a great buzz.  This is another Premium Dokha blend from the Abu Mohammed stable, and as this blend is bottled in the UK by Enjoy Dokha there is an additional gram of tobacco in each bottle, compared to the pre-packaged Pink 1 and Pink 3, for example… so more pleasure packed into a small bottle!

Special 60 – utilises superior leaves from the top of the tobacco plant to ensure an excellent tasting over warm blend that will leave you severely buzzed!  Again this blend is bottled in the UK by Enjoy Dokha and houses 14grams of excellent top quality Premium Dokha.

As purveyors of fine Arabic tobacco, Enjoy Dokha guarantee that you will not be disappointed if you purchase any of the Fadayee or Abu Mohammed blends.


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