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Footlong Midwakh For Dokha

March 5, 2020

What does ‘Footlong Midwakh for Dokha‘ even mean? It means that the Footlong Midwakh is a whole 12 inches!

Well for those wonderful exhibitionists and creatively minded individuals out there, the Footlong Midwakh is the artful way to smoke the precious Dokha. Its style and elegance alone will make you smile. If you are mingling with a crowd of friends or colleagues, the sheer length of it is enough to make them laugh out loud.  Paint a picture in your mind – man wearing ‘spats‘, pinstripe trousers with white shirt, waistcoat and bow tie – hair sleeked back with ‘Brylcreem‘, reminiscent of the ‘Al Copone‘ era of the 1920s.  If you are wondering what ‘spats‘ are then take a closer look at the shoes that the gangsters wore back in the day on Google – they were like little ‘raincoats’ for shoes….  Maybe Michael Jackson’s  ‘Thriller‘ album took its inspiration from those times too….

Medwakh (sometimes spelled Midwakh) pipes also date back to a bygone age.  They were often hand carved out of animal bone and wood by Shepherds tending their flocks in the mountainous regions of the UAE.  Today, however, Medwakh pipes are used all over the world by discerning Dokha smokers and can be made from a wide variety of materials.  The most common material used in the manufacture of basic Medwakh pipes is wood.  Nowadays, Medwakh pipes are lined with base metals including the bowl for putting the Dokha in. All Medwakh pipes should have a filter on the end to catch any impurities which could travel along the shaft and get into your mouth.

Enjoy Dokha sell an array of filters, all of which are sized to fit on the end of your Medwakh.

The ‘Footlong Midwakh for Dokha‘ is beautifully crafted from one single piece of wood – extraordinarily sleek and elegant

Previous versions of this pipe were made from two pieces welded together.  This ultimately put great pressure on the shaft of the pipe and made it easier to break in two at this point. Because of the high quality of the new design and the wood used in the manufacture of this beautifully sleek Medwakh this cannot happen now.  You are paying a little extra for this high quality but at the end of the day it will last much longer than the original design….

Don’t delay and buy your Footlong Midwakh for Dokha today……


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