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Bilbo Baggins Dokha Pipe

February 25, 2020

The Bilbo Baggins Dokha Pipe is sleek, beautifully crafted and designed to get you noticed.

The Bilbo Baggins Dokha pipe is a stylish and durable Medwakh, lined with base gold metal in a contemporary design. This particular pipe has been fashioned around the now famous ‘Bilbo Baggins‘ character from the movie Lord of the Rings. The bowl shape is what is unique about this pipe – a larger bowl and longer stem make it easier to hold and take in more pleasurable Dokha flavour along the way in a timely manner…..smoking Dokha should never be rushed…

Medwakh (Midwakh) pipes can be traced back through the centuries – hand carved from animal bone and a variety of different woods, the Medwakh smoking pipe owes its humble beginnings to the Shepherds tending their flock in the mountainous regions of Iran.  Sailors were then thought to have brought the custom of smoking Dokha to the rest of the Middle East.  As travel became easier and more affordable, the use of the Medwakh pipe also proliferated far and wide.  Primarily used for smoking Dokha Arabic tobacco, the Midwakh pipe has become particularly popular amongst the Arab communities around the world.

Which Filter is best for my Dokha pipe

Most Dokha pipes are crafted to accommodate a plastic filter on the end of the pipe to help stop tobacco leaf particles, or other impurities from travelling down the shaft and into your mouth.  These little plastic filters are very practical in design and are hassle free, as you can just discard them once you have used them and they are recyclable.  We recommend changing your filter after 10 – 15 smokes of Dokha to ensure that your smoking experience is always fresh and clean – or as clean as smoking can be!

There are a small number of different options open to you when choosing which filter might work best for you:

Cotton only – Turpuff, Turbo or Bio Pipe Filters

Cotton and Silicon together – Natural Puff Filters

Silicon only – Natural Puff Filters

Fadayee 3 in 1 – Charcoal, Cotton and Silicon

Most of the filters on the market today are very similar – maybe the brand name is changed in some instances but essentially the job of the filter does not change, whichever filter you choose.


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