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Dokha Tobacco Additive Free

March 23, 2021

Dokha tobacco, additive free, is the only Dokha we supply…

Providing top quality Dokha tobacco, which is additive free, has been a policy that Enjoy Dokha have pursued since our inception back in 2012.  Nothing added and nothing taken away – always top quality tobacco leaves used in the production of all of the blends which we have on offer to our worldwide customers.

Additive free simply means that all of the Dokha blends that we sell, whether they are provided by our trusted suppliers, or they have been sourced by us directly from the local farms, are totally free of pesticides, herbicides, dyes or any other flavouring.  Our tobacco is the pure, natural and original tender leaf Arabic tobacco simply known as ‘Dokha’

Why choose additive free Dokha tobacco over cigarette tobacco?

Any sensible person who smokes would prefer to smoke a natural product – additive free, rather than a product which is full of harmful manmade chemicals.  I guess that’s why so many people are researching about Dokha tobacco, as opposed to High Street cigarette tobacco.

First grown for recreational and perceived medicinal use, the evidence of tobacco leaves being smoked dates back to the 1400s.  Shepherds in the mountains of Northern Iran smoked this tender leaf tobacco while tending their flock.  No-one knows exactly where the word ‘Dokha’ comes from, however, the word Dokha, roughly translated into English, means ‘dizzy’ – so it’s no surprise that the ‘buzz’ associated with the experience of smoking Dokha is the same ‘dizzy’ sensation you get when smoking this traditional Arabic tobacco, especially for the first time.  Although Dokha has its roots in Persian culture, today it is smoked all over the world.  Over the centuries sailors brought it to the Middle East and the Middle East brought it to the rest of the world.

Dokha is pure Arabic Nicotiana Tabacum which has been selectively bred to grow in the arid desert areas of the Middle East and beyond.  There are no chemicals, additives or preservatives added and the traditional curing method of Arabic tobacco is super natural.

The newly dried raw tobacco leaves need ageing or curing to turn them into a more agreeable form – they can be very coarse and leathery in texture. To cure the precious leaves, they are harvested and are hung out to dry – either on fine ‘catgut’ lines (like a fishing line) or on a wooden battened structure. While hanging, the tips of the laves are saturated with nicotine, and the natural colouration of the tobacco plant is maintained.

As you can imagine, the bright hot sunshine dries the leaves quite quickly – this is great as the short drying process, together with the fast bottling of the ground tobacco, helps to maintain the natural greenish/brownish colouration in the resultant Dokha blends.

Ask for nothing less than the best Enjoy Dokha blends – nothing added and nothing taken away…ENJOY!


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