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Scorpion Dokha with Enjoy Dokha

April 28, 2021

Scorpions usually have a sting in the tail – but not Scorpion Dokha!

One of the Dokha producing businesses Enjoy Dokha wanted to partner with in particular was Scorpion. Scorpion Dokha, together with Enjoy Dokha, became involved in the Laboratory testing of their products in England, back in 2012 approx.  Having their products rigorously tested in the UK gave us confidence in the knowledge that only top quality Dokha products, produced by Scorpion Dokha, would be supplied to Enjoy Dokha for the UK market.

It took quite a long time to establish the Scorpion brand within the UK – somehow the name ‘Scorpion‘ didn’t resonate with people, but 10 years on…. those same people can’t get enough of Scorpion Dokha tobacco and we now sell it all over the world.

Enjoy Dokha carry three of their blends – Scorpion Blue, Scorpion Gold and Scorpion Red

Scorpion Blue – a smooth light smoke that leaves the user always satisfied

Scorpion Gold – a smoke that offers the user a rewarding head rush while enjoying an exceptional smoke

Scorpion Red – a smoke that will take you to the extreme – strong flavour with a powerful stimulating ‘buzz’ – not recommended for beginners!

Back around 2012, our founder was a complete novice and knew absolutely nothing about the Dokha industry.  At first, he found it difficult to be taken seriously by any of the top Dokha producers across the UAE. His exhaustive efforts in reaching out to them paid off and 10 years on his fledgling business, known as Enjoy Dokha, has grown to the ‘Dizzy‘ heights where it is today.

So in a way, it’s because Scorpion Dokha took our founder seriously back in 2012 that you, our customers, can experience these exclusive blends for yourself today, both within the UK and across the world.  Our procurement of fresh supplies on a monthly basis together with our speedy shipping options, ensures that you won’t be without your favourite blend for too long.  The Quality Control team within Scorpion ensure that the planting, growing and harvesting of the tender leaf Arabic tobacco remains consistent in terms of freshness, strength and colour – from seed to shelf – every time.

Each and every bottle of Scorpion Dokha has their ‘seal of quality’ stamped all over it – air tight and ready for your enjoyment.


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