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Baba Black and Gold Medwakh

November 15, 2021

Baba Black and Gold

Baba in Persian means to give honour to the father or grandfather.  It is a term that is used mostly in West Asian and South Asian cultures.  So it is rather apt that we should name our two new premium Medwakh pipes ‘Baba Black/Gold and Baba White/Gold’ as the term ‘Baba’ is used as a form of address to show respect to the ‘elder statesman’ in the room…and we consider these two new Medwakh pipes to be the ‘elder statesman’ in the room…

Each Medwakh pipe is painstakingly machine and handmade by local artisans, whose knowledge and craftsmanship are plain to see.  The resulting Medwakh pipe has a superior feel to it – not just because of the additional weight from the incorporation of metal, but because the inner lining of the pipe is made from Briar wood, which produces a smooth cool smoke..

The tip or the ‘bowl’ of the Baba Black and Gold is fashioned from Briar wood whilst the Baba White and Gold Medwakh is fashioned from ‘Ox’ bone.

These Baba Medwakh pipes have arrived just in time for the seasonal festivities which are almost upon us, not only to give as a gift, but also as a collector’s piece that anyone would take pride in owning.

Enjoy Dokha, as purveyors of great Dokha Arabic tobacco, are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative products to bring to our customers worldwide.  We feel that the Baba  Medwakh is in keeping with our promise to ensure enjoydokha.com remains ‘the’ destination website for the very best Dokha tobacco products, Medwakh pipes and other smoking related accessories worldwide.

Please take care of your Medwakh pipe so you can maintain the quality of your smoke every time you reach for Dokha. If you don’t clean your pipe properly then you will smell and taste the difference – stale tobacco is not to be enjoyed!  Here is a link to our Guide to cleaning your Medwakh pipe https://www.enjoydokha.com/guide/how-to-clean-your-medwakh-pipe/

There are many reasons why you should routinely clean your Medwakh pipe:

  • part of the enjoyment of preparing to smoke a great Dokha blend
  • cleaning your Medwakh ensures a great smoking experience every time
  • a clean Medwakh gives you a tastier, fresher smoke
  • keeps your Medwakh in tip top condition to elongate the life of your Medwakh pipe

Choosing a great Dokha blend to put into your Medwakh is a very personal choice, however, Dokha traditionally comes in 3 different strengths – Light (Blue), Medium (Gold) and Hot (Red).

Enjoy Dokha Light (Blue) Dokha is strongly recommended as being a good choice for beginners – it offers a smooth inhale and light buzz..  also a few other blends which fall into the Light (Blue) category.

  • Shahi
  • Yousef Rida Light Cold
  • Ferrari

We can recommend some medium blends which our customers repeat order because they have never been disappointed.

The Dokha blends above are ‘all round’ Medium blends, which offer the smoker great flavour, while warm on the inhale and exhale with a very nice sustained buzz.  Enjoy Dokha medium blends are recommended for the everyday Dokha smoker.

Enjoy Dokha Hot (Red) blends are for the experienced Dokha smoker – if you are a beginner and you smoke any of these blends then you will most likely need a chair nearby to hold on to!

Enjoy Dokha Hot (Red) is our most popular hot blend, followed by Achilles, Fadayee Black and Scorpion Red.  These blends are over-warm on the inhale and exhale and offer a strong buzz.

Enjoy Dokha VOD is at the extreme end of the hot varieties we have on offer – our customers have expressed their view that it is ‘like smoking the sun’ and most definitely not for the fainthearted.

Baba is going to be a big seller for us so get your order in early so you won’t be disappointed…


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