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250ml ED Blue Dokha Blend (5 x 50ml)

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250ml / 70gram ED Blue Dokha Blend – direct from the local farms

250ml ED Blue Dokha, direct from the local farms, is a cool light Dokha blend and when smoked, consistently offers a very smooth cool buzz.  Our customers smoke Dokha for a true smoking experience so the ED Blue Dokha will not disappoint you. The ED Blue Dokha is a Light cool Dokha blend, smooth on the inhale, with a tasty  buzz.

Why buy ED Blue Dokha – 250ml / 70grams

  • light blend – smooth on the inhale – cool ‘Buzz’
  • suitable for beginners – Cool Dokha
  • bottle size 250ml / 70g – (5 x 50ml / 14g) – a more economic purchase
  • high quality Dokha
  • also available in 25ml / 9g or 50ml /14g bottles

Any product Enjoy Dokha stock is quality checked, before offering it to our customers and the ED Blue Dokha blend is no exception. Governments around the world have asked suppliers of tobacco products to stop using the terms Light, Medium and Hot so Enjoy Dokha have re-named their Enjoy Dokha house blends as ED Blue, ED Gold, ED Red to conform to the new guidelines.

A completely natural and pure Arabic tobacco with nothing added or taken away, the ED Blue Dokha is a great blend…  Unlike most tobaccos in the West, Dokha is not fire cured and cut, but dried in the arid desert region where it is grown and harvested.  The tobacco which is used in the production of the ED Blue blend is unaltered and maintains the greenish brown colouration of the natural plant.

You can check out any reviews, for peace of mind, when purchasing any product from Enjoy Dokha, including the Enjoy Dokha house blends.

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Enjoy Dokha, as a purveyor of fine Dokha blends, suggest that you check out some of the other Light (Blue) blends on offer on our platform, from suppliers such as Yousef Rida, Fadayee, Scorpion, or Max Time. Enjoy Dokha’s house blends are amongst our best sellers so if you are looking for an alternative to the ED Blue blend you can check out Shahi, Light Cold or Ferrari, for example – you can trust the quality of all of the many different and exciting blends. We import directly from various sources in Dubai, United Arab Emirates including the local farms.

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