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Yousef Rida Dokha

Yousef Rida (sometimes spelt Yousef Redha or Yousef Reza) Arabic tobacco is one of the premier brands in the United Arab Emirates and customers from this region or customers who have visited this region will be familiar with.  Enjoy Dokha have a long standing relationship with Yousef Rida and are pleased to offer a broad range of their genuine products to our customers.

Yousef Rida Dokha was founded on the ethos of high quality additive free tobacco that gives a big satisfying buzz when smokes.  This is particularly relevant today as so many people suffer from allergy related illnesses caused in part by the use of pesticides and herbicides, dyes etc.

Great care is taken during the cultivation of the Dokha tobacco plants to employ the highest standards of environmental protection. Yousef Rida have strict quality control procedures in place at every stage of the growing, harvesting and production process to maintain the standards we have all grown to adore.  This is assuring for our customers as they seek to find a Dokha blend that fits their lifestyle.

Yousef Rida Dokha constantly strives to deliver the freshness and purity of flavour that you would expect from one of the UAE’s leading brands.

What is the best Yousef Redah Dokha tobacco to buy online?

Enjoy Dokha carry a range of the Yousef Rida Arabic tobacco pre-packaged together with a selection of Dokha which we procure in bulk and package in the UK.

Yousef Rida Dokha Tobacco Blends

Why buy Yousef Rida Dokha Tobacco online?

Most of us now don’t have the luxury of walking into a Yousef Rida tobacco branch in Dubai and seeing which Dokha gives you the biggest hit.  It’s frustrating.  Enjoy Dokha have spent the last few years trying to develop that system online for all to try and enjoy.   We have sample bags, we have small bottles, and for those that find there perfect Dokha match, we have 250ml bottles!  Today, you can guarantee the quality and origin of your Tobacco cuts.  You can order them to your front door and you can be sure that you won’t have to worry where your Dokha is coming from anymore.    Buy yousef rida Dokha tobacco online for a fair price with a fast delivery.



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