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Turbo Windproof Blowtorch Lighter

March 18, 2019

While the Turbo ‘windproof’ blowtorch lighter looks eccentric it is an easy way to light up your Medwakh in windy conditions.

You don’t need to be a smoker to enjoy using this little ‘gem’,  it has lots of other uses in the great outdoors!  If you are a ‘happy’ camper, for instance, then you can easily light your camp fire…. or if you attend music festivals and your friends don’t have a windproof lighter with them there is enough fuel in yours to keep everyone well lit!

Lighters are simple but so useful – we don’t often think about their use in a survival scenario!  Because this Blowtorch Lighter is refillable, you can top it up before and after every adventure, so you always have a near full lighter with you.  As it’s wind resistant it is unlikely to blow out when you need it most!  It will help you to stay warm, cook food, boil water, illuminate and keep predators at bay!

These ‘cheeky’ little lighters come in four colours and have a safety on/off switch with easy click functionality.  If the Blowtorch Lighter is not what you are looking for we have lots of other lighters to choose from, such as the Mini Clipper – tiny in comparison to normal lighters, however, easy to handle and takes up only a small space in your Dokha pouch..

Enjoy Dokha quality check every product and hand pick them for your satisfaction.  The Turbo Windproof Blowtorch Lighter is no exception. Before deciding on and purchasing this product, check to see if our customers have left a review, for peace of mind.


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