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Spring cleaning your Medwakh

January 10, 2022

Spring cleaning your Medwakh – essential tips for cleaning your Medwakh pipe

Depending on how often you smoke Dokha Arabic tobacco, spring cleaning your Medwakh will help to keep it in tip top condition so it lasts longer.

The humble Medwakh is specifically used to smoke Dokha, the original Arabic pipe tobacco.  There is no other smoking pipe on the market today quite like the Medwakh.  The small bowl which holds the Dokha, the long stem and general stylising is quite unique and beautiful, so why wouldn’t you want to have it – it will last for years if you regularly look after it with a cleaning routine.

Cleaning your Medwakh regularly ensures you have the very best smoking experience, no stale tobacco taste on the inhale and no excess tar getting through to your mouth.

Standard Medwakh vs Premium Medwakh

Whichever price band you choose, the same cleaning regime should apply. There are a number of cleaning options to explore and we set out below a quick resume of each option.

Medwakh Pipe Cleaning Options

100 Medwakh Fabric Pipe Cleaners

More bang for your buck!  A pack of 100 fabric pipe cleaners should last you between 4 to 6 months, depending on how often you clean your pipe.  They can be pushed down the stem of the pipe to clear any blockages and if you make a small bend at the end of one of them, you can easily clean out the bowl of stale or burned out flakes.  These pipe cleaners are an essential piece of kit, even if you choose to use the Falcon Cleaning spray, for example. Purchasing a pack of 100 at a time is a much more economic purchase, saving you time and money, as you are less likely to run out of them when you need them most..

These pipe cleaners are also available in packs of 50.  You can of course split the packs up to the number of pipe cleaners you want to carry around with you in your Dokha pouch at any given time…

Falcon Cleaning Spray

Enjoy Dokha recommends that you use a fabric pipe cleaner to get the excess tar and stale tobacco BEFORE you use the spray.  Using this method will ensure that all sooty deposits have been removed for a fresher smell and fresher taste of your Dokha. Falcon Medwakh Cleaning Spray is a high pressured spray that will clear any blockages along the stem of your Medwakh pipe.  It will keep your pipe fresh and sterilised and in good condition ready for your next use..  Simply spray down the stem of the pipe to clean out stale residual tobacco from the bowl and the stem to get a really great result and a fresh smoking experience…

*** Please note this product is currently only available for UK Mainland customers due to flight restrictions ***

Shake well before you use it, and keep the aerosol out of the reach of children.  Please use this product in a well ventilated area.

5 pack of Bristle long stem pipe cleaners

Purchasing a 5 pack of bristle pipe cleaners means that you always have one at the ready when you need one – one for your Dokha pouch and some left at home for another day.  You can of course wash the bristle pipe cleaners in hot soapy water to elongate their use.

A single Bristle pipe cleaner can also be ordered on our website…

Insert the Bristle into the stem of the Medwakh and push it down until you can see it appear in the bowl.  Twiddle the bristle around a few times so the bristles catch any sooty deposits and stale tobacco flakes which may be stuck to the walls of the stem and then pull it out again.  You can use the knub of the bristle to help to clear any small deposits or sticky tar which may be left behind around the edges of the bowl…

2 in 1 Metal Pipe Cleaner

This metal pipe cleaner gismo has two individual prongs which are both useful, but have two distinct functions.  The long pointed piece of metal is used to clean the stem of your Medwakh, whilst the other ‘spoon‘ shape metal piece is used for cleaning the bowl.   It is another must have piece of kit for the Dokha smoker, and is easy to carry in your Dokha pouch. The cleaning process is all part of the preparation for smoking your Dokha tobacco and using the 2 in 1 Metal Pipe Cleaner on the go helps enable a cleaner, fresher smoke every time.

Just insert the long metal prong into the stem of your Medwakh until you can see the tip in the bowl.  Twiddle the prong around a couple of times and then draw it out again.  Wipe the metal prong with a piece of tissue or the like, to get any residual stale tobacco flakes out before you have your next smoke…

The ‘spoon‘ shaped piece of metal is then used to get any residual sooty deposits out of the bowl and can also be easily cleaned with a tissue or washed in hot soapy water, ready for your next use…

Spring cleaning your Medwakh doesn’t mean you should only clean your Medwakh pipe in the Spring!


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