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Scorpion Dokha

Welcome to our selection of Scorpion Dokha tobaccos direct from the UAE.

You might ask why has this producer named their product Scorpion since the name Scorpion is sometimes synonymous with death?  The term can also symbol the focus and personal drive to achieve greatness in life – achieving high standards in the production of their products perhaps?

Enjoy Dokha have selected the Scorpion Dokha range by request of our customers. Scorpion has built a good reputation over the years across the UAE for producing quality Dokha products, with a strong buzz and at a fair price. Scorpion Gold in particular, has been famed for a kick ass buzz, but still smooth on the inhale. Now you can buy these same Dokha tobaccos found across Dubai in the UK.

Scorpion Dokha utilises only top quality tobacco leaves in the production of their Dokha.  There are no stems or dust included, maintaining the natural green/brown colouration of the tobacco leaves – it’s a superior product for a reason!

These products come with a seal on the packaging that ensures you are getting the genuine product.  The aroma and the freshness is locked in with a flip top caps which keeps the pot air tight.  This is also good for presentation, with the emphasis on quality and the product being cool and trendy to hold.  After all, our customers deserve nothing but the best!

If you are wishing to purchase Scorpion Dokha then you have to look no further than Enjoy Dokha for a fast reliable delivery service worldwide – with a few exceptions!



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