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Zephyr Medwakh S5

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Zephyr Medwakh S5

The Zephyr Medwakh S5 is part of a limited edition run of Medwakh pipes that support the internal 6mm filters. This particular piece looks very expensive, but at an affordable price with Enjoy Dokha.  Handcrafted with dark wood, gold metal bowl, embellishment on the head and mouthpiece of the pipe.

Zephyr  ˈzɛfə/   means a soft gentle breeze.  If you are looking for something unique, something exclusive, then this Medwakh pipe is for you.  It is very strong and durable, with a unique shape and design.  Most importantly, it feels comfortable in your hand and smokes incredibly well.

*** Internal filters ***
5 x 6mm cotton filters will be supplied with the Zephyr Medwakh S5. We recommend to use Dr Perl Junior 6mm filters or Dr Plum 6mm Filters that can also be found on amazon.co.uk.
Unscrew the pipe next to the gold ring and put the filter in with the BLUE end next to the mouth piece.

How to clean your Medwakh Pipe

Please ensure regular cleaning of your pipe.  Enjoy Dokha recommend either the bristle pipe cleaners (which can be washed in hot soapy water thereby saving you money on replacements) or the fabric throw away pipe cleaners.  Push the pipe cleaner down the stem of the pipe to clear any stale tobacco particles or sooty deposits.   Twiddle whichever pipe cleaner you choose around a couple of times then pull it out to clear any blockages.

Cleaning your Medwakh regularly ensures a smoother tastier smoking experience without the residual taste of stale tobacco left in your mouth.

The S5 Zephyr Medwakh is considered to be a ‘collectable’ piece used for special occasions. Customers who choose ‘collectables’ usually have a wide selection of Medwakhs pipes they can call upon for everyday use or that all important special occasion.

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