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Midwakh or Medwakh Smoking Experience Lost in Translation

January 3, 2019

The Midwakh or Medwakh Smoking Experience – Lost in Translation – some people use the term Midwakh, whilst others use the term Medwakh to describe the pipe that is used to smoke Dokha Arabic tobacco.

The Midwakh or Medwakh, dating back many centuries, its use having spread from the Middle East right across the globe, takes many forms – some Medwakhs are shorter in length, some are longer such as the ‘Footlong‘ Medwakh that we sell at Enoy Dokha.   The Footlong 201 is very much a statement piece for those individuals who are gregarious enough to be seen in public smoking Dokha!

Enjoy Dokha Medwakh pipes are hand picked for their design detail, but more importantly their durability, ensuring that each Medwakh smoking experience is as good as the last…

The Arabic design hand carved Medwakh 010 or the beautifully hand carved stylish Medwakh 209 bare distinctive Arabic wood carved markings along the stem.  At Enjoy Dokha, we also have sleek strong metal Medwakh pipe that will last a lifetime, but the jewel in the crown at the moment is the Loupolus pipe which is taking the Midwakh to another level because of the revolutionary internal 9mm filtration system and excellent German engineering…. The Loupolus comes in four colours, plain Black, Black/Gold, Black/Blue and Black/Red….

That’s all for now folks!  Enjoy Dokha Medwakh selection has something for everyone. Take some time to explore your options on our website – you can choose from our standard Medwakh selection or from our Premium Medwakh selection, and perhaps let us know which is your favourite…  If there is a particular Medwakh which we don’t have on our website that you would like to see us selling to our customers around the world….please let us know!


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