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Growing strong in the Dokha industry

November 16, 2018

Growing strong in the Dokha industry simply means that Enjoy Dokha must be getting something right…

Those who have ventured to sample ‘Enjoy Dokha’ blends are intrigued by the quality and unique flavour versus cigarettes, cigars or other pipe tobacco … and there are no butts!

Since Enjoy Dokha Ltd was launched back in late 2011, we have seen strong growth across all of the blends that we bring to our customers across the world.  The declining use of cigarettes is perhaps also indicative that people are looking for alternatives….

Our customers tell us that they prefer Arabic tobacco to western tobacco, as there are no additives or preservatives added to either the growing process or the finished product to impair the great Dokha flavour they have come to love.  An all natural, finely chopped Arabic tobacco, that is grown at altitude and benefits from the cool nights and the abundance of sunshine during the day, is exactly what you will get when you purchase your Arabic tobacco from Enjoy Dokha.

Because Dokha is not fire cured and cut, but dried in the arid desert where it is grown and nothing more is ever added or taken away – the timely manner of production preserves the delicate flavours of the tobacco, whilst also maintaining the strength, freshness and green coloration of the natural plant…..

Also, in looking for alternatives, our customers – some of whom have been cigarette smokers for many years in the past – tell us that they actually are smoking less now they have chosen to switch to Dokha, as one tiny pinch of Dokha in their Medwakh satisfies their craving for cigarettes.  So, for example, instead of smoking 6 cigarettes they are only having one small bowl of Dokha.  That must also be a financial incentive since you can get up to 150 hits from one bottle of Dokha compared to one packet of 20 cigarettes…. gone up in smoke in seconds – now that leaves a nasty taste in your mouth!

Whilst we are most definitely not advocating that you smoke at all – the benefits of switching from cigarettes to Arabic tobacco are clear:  smoke less, no nasty pungent smells sticking to your clothes and soft furnishings around your house and leaves you with a few coppers in your pocket

All of the Dokha and Medwakh pipes that we sell on our website are quality checked and hand picked for our customers’ satisfaction and that’s why Enjoy Dokha are growing strong in the Dokha industry.  Before deciding on and purchasing any Dokha blend or accessory, feel free to check if there are any reviews, for peace of mind.

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